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  1. It’s a controversial one, for sure. Can understand it. A lot of his tries he ended up being the last man in the move. I don’t think he’s too brilliant defensively. That being said, I don’t think Duhan VDM is either. He’s in for his physicality, without a shadow of a doubt. Anthony Watson is a shoe in for me. Glad to see Liam Williams is fit for the 23. LRZ got showed up too much by Kolbe in SA A game. Think we’ll be expressive in the backs which is exciting.
  2. I had heard Nige was bringing in the Head of S&C at Exeter Chiefs. May toughen us up!
  3. Cotts for the most part was excellent when I was in the media team - helped by the fact we enjoyed the 14/15 season. I remember Colchester away (3-2) and Derby away (4-0) being particular ‘treading eggshells’ moments post-match. Media team = easy target post game for managers/coaches/players to vent sometimes.
  4. Especially when you can’t keep a clean sheet for toffee!
  5. Very true. Was close before SL decided on LJ.
  6. Bloody funny trip to Sheff Wed on that bus! Enjoyable times with the Subbers. RIP Lester
  7. Alex Sanderson has already worked wonders at Sale. Their defence is based off a tactic Saracens have used for years. Their success has been built on their 'Wolfpack mentality' which he implemented so it's no surprise to see them hit the ground running with it. After last week's result, it's a bit of a reality check for Pat Lam but no doubt they'll pump Gloucester next week and continue to build! The loss could make their season.
  8. You’d like to think not bud Greg did stick a few in the top bin!
  9. Edwards’ willingness to get at his defenders is refreshing. A modern day Greg Goodridge. CAM Massengo >>>>> CDM Massengo
  10. Hi all, Clearing out the loft as moving house and I have a lot of football memorabilia that I'm starting to eBay. This is a rare one which I thought I'd share. A 1998/99 signed Brian Tinnion away match shirt. http://ebay.us/414SG2?cmpnId=5338273189 Hopefully it'll go to a good home!
  11. Another young prospect coming through. Loved watching Mickey when I was growing up; hopefully he’ll go on to have a successful career with us. Congrats to Sam, Mickey and his family!
  12. In all areas. Dan Bentley kept that from being embarrassing. Only positive is the league debut for Opi Edwards.
  13. Lucky deflection but look what happens when you have a bloody shot on goal!!!!!
  14. He’s been dreadful! Much worse than Semenyo who I agree isn’t having a great game.
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