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  1. A slower tempo I agree but some of there touches in and around the box and their fluidity was great to see.
  2. Swansea’s build-up play has been quality. What a goal that is!
  3. It’s a guy called Ryan who is in charge of our social media output. A basketball nut and Watford fan. It may not have anything to do with Barton directly but it’s his and Lisa Knights’ sign off. It’s embarrassing. The club don’t have to employ a media team who work for the club (like 2/3 of the media team when we won the league) but they have to adapt and realise what supporters actually want. Was Head 2 Head successful because the club was doing well? Possibly but also got to see the natural side of the players. Proper content. A head of Comms in Adam Baker who got the club.
  4. Devastated by the news. CJS allowed me to meet so many great people as a kid and was the reason I fell in love with City. I owe John a lot. RIP Mr Banks. Thoughts to Claire and family.
  5. Couldn’t agree more. I wonder whether he’ll learn to adapt from his time here and go on to be a success at this level or in the Prem. Perhaps too much pressure and an emotional attachment at City to succeed.
  6. As per the title, where next for LJ? The Birmingham job is vacant but will he jump into another Championship job? Will he take time out? Will he have to drop to League 1? Or maybe he’ll explore abroad?
  7. It’s Alan’s time to shine! Bring in the Curbs!
  8. Clearly passionate about the club, has taken the club on over four and a half years and given us some great memories. Time is right to part ways. Thank you LJ. Good luck for the future.
  9. I’m just trolling, don’t panic! Post-match annoyance.
  10. Close. Makes sense for Afobe to be on the bench and rested after so long out.
  11. Bentley Vyner Kalas Baker Dasilva Weimann Smith Nagy COD Diedhiou Afobe
  12. Zak the obvious choice for media this week given he’s come back into the squad last weekend and then made his first start for two years in midweek. LJ being a no show is a complete PR balls up. Badly advised whether that’s from Jon Lansdown or Dave Barton. Unless it’s changed for this post-lockdown period, the head coach or member of staff is required for press duties before every match as per EFL regs. As head of Comms, DB has to shoulder responsibility on not putting LJ while the manager has to grow a pair.
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