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  1. Distinct lack of usual forum melts on here tonight other than the OP who would still have a problem with Pearson even if he literally turned out to be the 2nd coming. Perhaps don’t look at the things directly in front of you, and look at what’s around you, NP had clearly galvanised this lot into wanting to play for him, we’ve not seen that in a city team since the Man City cup run. Wiemann has clearly pulled something with about 10 to go, but still digs in to sprint 30 yards and get the pass to Wells. They are all playing for one another, and that will make the unit stronger. Probably wasting my time, the OPs dislike is bordering on the irrational, and you can’t argue against that.
  2. Looks bad until you see where the ball is, yep I’d probably go yellow to both players. If that had been off the ball the definite red. Excellent work though, free kick shithousery goes on far too often.
  3. Not sure why Semenyo felt he needed to pass the ball so soon then, had a clear run toward goal
  4. Right you are…. The forum temperature has not yet hit melting point, best hold onto that thought for another 20mins or so.
  5. Good team, know their game plan, all know what they are doing and that little bit of quality in all the right places.
  6. Unless we concede, I can see Williams coming on for Bakinson shore up the midfield a little.
  7. This would be Andy King to if he was fit, just needs someone to calm stuff down in front of the defenders
  8. That was poor, Pearson will have kittens, so many players slow to react to the second ball.
  9. Especially as Gray has been fouling most of the afternoon and just got his..
  10. Almost the best time to sell him, could ask for silly money. Although I suspect unless you are backed by Russians, Arabs or US syndicates the silly money days are over for a while. I’d love him to stay for a couple of years and grow with Pearson’s team.
  11. Loving the pyro in the top tier… excellent effort getting that in.
  12. Loving Massengo today. What a future this lad could have.
  13. Martin has been ineffective so far, Wiemann a little more involved if only for the pressing.
  14. Simple, any head injury, mandatory 5 mins off the pitch for a concussion assessment with no substitute, you’ll see that little dark art will quickly stop.
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