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  1. Any stats on how many times we’ve passed the ball backwards and sideways this game. Evidently the England team whiteboard meetings don’t contain the word “forwards”. Not going to win with negativity.
  2. On current form I wouldn’t get wildly excited about a front line consisting of Sterling, Kane and to a lesser extent Foden. If Man City want to spend £100m on a striker then Lukaku’s yer man right now.
  3. Entirely my view, couldn’t have put it better myself. I’ve never got Sterling, totally overrated. Southgate can at times get his team and tactics all wrong, this is one of them.
  4. Just not turned up, most expensive game in football, and they’ve been totally outclassed and outplayed, they look like a very average championship team today.
  5. Red because, the foot on the Achilles might have been accidental, but ended up badly however accidental and clumsy he might have been. Jensen made a meal of it, but then again I suspect most players would have done in the same position.
  6. Yep, absolute ******* the lot of them, worst in the championship for it, thing is they don’t need to do it, they are better than that begrudgingly.
  7. That’s Swansea ****** then, nice of you to turn up.
  8. To my mind he didn’t go through that diving screaming bastard Canos enough, he’s the championship Neymar when it comes to diving, screaming and rolling. I’d love a pub midfielder type challenge on him, 2 feet, studs up just below the knee then get up and walk off without the ref even having chance to get the red card out.
  9. Bollocks that’s a shame, Franke is a smug unlikeable bastard.
  10. Nice to see the EFL treating this game seriously and appointing a toy town referee for a game like this. Entertaining as a neutral perhaps, but **** me that penalty was ludicrous. Out of depth springs to mind
  11. Yep, sadly money talks. I wish we could have got another season or so out of him. I’d argue he is the classiest player we’ve developed and sold on in my lifetime. Just makes it look so easy
  12. Toney? Is that the case? I’d not heard that, still a job has been done on him. Bournemouth have been quietly tidy
  13. Yep, would have kept him over Jay Dasilva anytime, the gulf between the 2 is massive.
  14. My thoughts, whatever we sold Kelly for was nowhere near enough, the lad is absolute class. Ivan Toney, not so good when he’s not taking penalties and when you got a defence doing a proper job on him. Been made to look decidedly average thus far
  15. I find it best when digging a hole to sometimes step out of it, have a cup of tea and reflect on whether you should continue digging.
  16. Not enough subs allowed…..
  17. What that the gas aren’t crap? Although we’d given them a decent game right now.
  18. I vote to change its name to pampered overrated zero performance centre.
  19. Dear BCFC media team, please don’t be using social media or e-mails to flog Robins TV for next Sat unless the club is giving it away for free. I don’t want to see any of these gibbons kissing the badge or pumping arms the air, when half of the ******* don’t turn up.
  20. Yep Rotherham fans must look at us and be massively pissed off.
  21. Nope, the coach can’t control what happens when the players walk on the pitch. I don’t think for one minute they spend an hour in training working on under-hit hospital passes, although given the number of 6yd box pinball goals we’ve conceded you’d have thought they’d work on that, although I suspect the problem is that we’ve got no one at the back prepared to properly stick a foot in and get hurt for the cause.
  22. Judge him on his team, not this sack of shit. He’s been given a 3 yr deal to completely rearrange the football set up. Not get this lot playing any standard of football this season. Can’t blame Pearson for Hunt coming inside and leaving a man free, Mariappa selling Kalas short, Kalas struggling to know what to do with the ball at his feet, and nobody being able to deal with a ball bouncing around the 6 yd box.
  23. But we all want Rooney to succeed…..
  24. Cue lots of people looking up opprobrium. Too many vowels for a decent scrabble score. Excellent effort.
  25. If they’ve got nothing tho pay for in terms of play off opposition, then expect a drab 0-0, why would they want their players to expend themselves against a pub team when there is a a playoff game to prepare for
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