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  1. Have we no news or indications of injury situation.
  2. ..and the journey home was fantastic as it made big headlines on all the national news programmes including R4 or whatever it was then..goodness knows how many times we heard it!!
  3. It's very clear that we have. It's that seagull that used to fly around the Gate on Match days!!!
  4. You could also try TrainSplit I booked yesterday to Manchester, not football, and got it half price saving £57!! May be less available on the London route..
  5. You're not on your own!!
  6. When is Semenyo expected back in the squad?
  7. Mine has expiry date in August. Vaccinated second dose early April.
  8. Moved to Bristol 1958, lived temporarily in Clifton. Days of Atyeo, Thresher, Gibson. Still got book of stubs from when season tickets were numbered vouchers. Have so often thought of hypnotherapy to help break the habit but still hanging on - though last couple of years have been more bored with the football and ashamed of the team than I can ever remember. Bloody appointing Pearson yet again gives a glimmer of hope so signed up again against my better judgement! Why do I do it to myself?
  9. I had high hopes for Walsh but it has been evident for a couple of seasons now our midfield has been very weak and easily pushed aside. Walsh would certainly come into this category as did Massengo but he had bulked up and become a different player. We really need players who can boss the midfield and be much more threatening to the opposition. We have the youngsters coming through, on a lesser salary who can become as good as Walsh. Sad but makes sense.
  10. People on here are getting bit ahead of themselves - justifiably to some extent remembering recent faces by the club - and an abundance of them. However having seen what is needed I don't think NP would have signed up if SL wasn't in agreement with his vision - and I for one am confident things are lined up. Strange as I have suffered decades of being let down - why do I hope these changes are going to be different?
  11. Was going to post same - Mike Gibson too from that era!
  12. That's exactly why we are where we are!
  13. I am not keen on Wells as things stand but would like to see him in the team and the team regularly attacking with numbers in the opposition box as opposed to our own!! Really think that is where his strengths lie and we could see a very different player, different attitude. Would hope so as he could be a decisive factor next year if we do at least something of a high pressing game. We could venture into entertaining the fans!
  14. Your last question answers the first. Really has been to most boring couple of years football with zilch entertainment. Amazing anyone renews - stupidly I will!!
  15. Once upon a time I really rated Kalas - but his distribution really negates what he does defensively.
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