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  1. 64 yrs but no way can I remember first game! Do remember some fantastic Atyeo games but none more so than the double Easter fixtures over Shrewsbury to clinch promotion.
  2. Maybe more hpful to hear what RG is doing!!
  3. much about our defences positives yesterday. Think all 3 at the back did well. They nullified WBA attack, were strong in defence AND attack. Both Cundy (great game) and Atkinson back to form and we really looked as solid as I've seen our defence this season. Yes maybe crazy moment from Bentley (not sure about the penalty..would like to see in slomo) and our willingness to give gifts to the opposition continues but team played well, Pring was great again..what a tackler, and they deserved more.
  4. Don't remember seeing. Une either (as in above post) when we're we notified? One either
  5. Agree on both counts...the cost of losing Cheesley was massive... Not read all the pages here but v surprised it has taken so long to post this match. Such a feeling of pride in our team that day...
  6. Def Leeds....so much a Goliath game....on headline news on R4 every hour all the way home! But isn't it sad how few truly specials there have been...when you've been supporting 63 years as I have. All games mentioned so memorable.
  7. This is such a great thing to read....we can't need to keep scoring 3.......earlier in the season it was if only we could score those last minute goals wouldn't be so critical! Times have changed n I much prefer it this way....
  8. Could be our future if in one fell swoop our latest deficit is cleared. Not suggesting it for one moment but....
  9. Have also been Impressed with Max catching the ball n holding onto it in a crowded area - getting more confident in his interventions (yesterday timed his running to corner of penalty area) to perfection. Staying on his line we could have been in big trouble...this is an extra defender role. He's much quicker to sense danger I think. Bentley better in shot stopping, Max better at anticipating dangers.
  10. Alex has also begun to be targeted by opposing players,, has taken really hefty knocks...at the present time he seems the perfect player in the making...
  11. Put Pring in the mix too...how he has come on this season....
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