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  1. Those certainly were the days my friend! A century on and we're still awaiting another FA Cup semi final.......
  2. My claim to fame is that I am the Great nephew, by marriage, of William 'Billy' Pocock who played for the City in the 1920s. He made 255 appearances, scoring 48 goals. Never met him as he died before I was both.
  3. A youth player named West . Info from David Woods 'The Bristol Babe' Team picture 1985/86.
  4. The 4-2 victory at Trumpton was my Dad's last attendance at a Bristol Derby; his first having been in @ 1938. Although in failing health the win gave him a fantastic lift and he arrived home 'walking on air'. RIP Dad.
  5. 'Recruitment has improved' Pack & Brownhill & Smith left & Nagy, Bakinson & Massengo came in. They're deluded if they think the latter three are an upgrade. Can't tackle or head a ball any of them.
  6. I think the club are holding something back. Holden may well become Head Coach, but with Trollope as Assistant Manager and Hughton as Manager; ever the optimist!
  7. I very rarely post, preferring to watch from afar but am so concerned at the ongoing poor performances that I feel the need to comment. Essentially, If you don’t trust your employees, they will not trust you. Simple rule of good management is to build honesty, integrity and trust with your staff, without which you will fail in whatever enterprise you are trying to achieve. It appears that Lee Johnson has yet again broken this rule and consequently more of the same outcomes will continue. From a personal perspective, I do not like the club sacking managers, but given the dull and unattractive performances over the last 2 years, enough is enough and the Board of Directors need thank Lee for his service and look to appoint someone with a track record of delivering success in the Championship.
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