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  1. Read somewhere one person on the consortium who were trying to take over, are asking the supporters to get on social media and complain about this happening to them .
  2. A good read, reminds me of the late 60s early 70s at Ashton Gate. We have a nice stadium now ,but I do with found memories remember those days with my mates.
  3. Big thumbs up from me on this
  4. If we lose it will be the refs fault because he is biased nasty and does not like us ,that will be my excuse. But I think we will win 2 1 coyr
  5. The picture really looks like it’s strait out of a scene from the office
  6. Just watched the second goal, what a brilliant pass from him .
  7. Yes I think I post before reading it ,must been the excitement of winning and the beer .Should of said a gashead came on our forum saying we would lose to Cardiff and be upset on the way home, so unlucky gashead, you and your mob are the gutted ones haha.
  8. I believe early on and we would lose to Cardiff and be used other way home so I say to him unlike gashed you must be gutted like your mob coming home ha ha
  9. Yes get in good win was nervous at the end
  10. Just read on the BBC football gossip Jack Wiltshire is considering retirement as no one has come in for him
  11. Sad day was a good poster r I p fellow red.
  12. Real sad about this a legend in my eyes R I P T C
  13. Being sold . Just joking
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