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  1. It's the same thing good going forward bad defending. We leave ourselves wide open from midfield to defence.
  2. Oh well i am bristol city fan so I am ment to suffer, must have done something wrong in my previous life
  3. mjd

    Marvin Brown

    As one who has had it ,with family and friends around you ,you will beat it . Best wishes to you .
  4. Sad loss rip stoney garnett miss the red hat and feather in it , legend.
  5. They way people are saying they played so I assumed they were to
  6. Happy New year to you all.
  7. Good post return Harry . Gave me something to think about, how our club has been handled over these last few season.
  8. I know it has to be looked into but how can it be wrong to tell the truth about that country. Maybe I should report other banners that tell the truth and waste police time .
  9. What is about the last ten minutes of the game we seem to give it away ,bloody peed of . Still I will always be a red.
  10. We can shout and scream, as much we want but In the end money talks .
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