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  1. It sounds like the younger guy may already be in a committed relationship, and is not sure if he is ready to abandon this yet. Again even if he did, how could you be sure he wouldn't attract interest from others? My friend met a guy like this, in less than a year he left her for a girl I forget the name, Chelsea perhaps. It sounds like the older guy is a much better long term prospect, and although older is still a few years younger than you Steve. And don't waste your time with those chuckle brothers.
  2. Who scored faster than our 40th second goal?
  3. I agree, hopefully Villa are weakened by FFP next season. Also we would no longer have to hear about Lampard who would become just another prem manager. It's already being reported that we are backing the rams, after being incited by Lee Johnson https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/serious-ffp-problems-play-final-16332346
  4. You could buy a seat at the end of the row, then even if you're next to a fat person you have plenty of space to lean into. But yoiu might find it too cold being on the end...
  5. So the whole area was like a town green back then?
  6. Free collection of home programmes from the play off final season 2007-2008. Comes in a special box what my mate made. Includes issues 1-26 missing issues 2, 11, 12, 22. Collection only. Pm me if you're interested.
  7. O'Dowda da da da da da da. O'Dowda da da da da da da. O'Dowda da da da da da da.
  8. I think Odowda could work and possibly be the best option. We can say 'Odow' as the first part then follow with 'dadadadadadada'
  9. I actually had a nightmare that we bought him for £20 million last transfer window!
  10. I see the Blackburn game now has the bctv+uk logo. Although there had not been an official announcement yet...
  11. I remember a bctv+uk icon appearing for the qpr game. I would expect the away game at wba to be available in the uk but still showing only the bctv+ icon. It could depend on ticket sales whether the club will make an eligible game available.
  12. Hi. Can anyone point me towards an official (or unofficial) fixture list of games available on bctv+ in the uk I am unsure if the Blackburn game will be available. The bctv+ faq says Sunday games are available https://www.bcfc.co.uk/bctv/bctvplus-faqs/ But the original announcement only says midweek games are available... https://www.bcfc.co.uk/bctv/bctvplus-subscribe-now/
  13. How about "Boom boom boom. Let me hear you say Weimann, Weimann! Boom boom boom. Everybody say Weimann, Weimann!" Sung to the tune of Outhere brothers - boom boom boom
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