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  1. 1957 Home to Bury. Atyeo scored after about 20 seconds IIRC. Been downhill ever since!
  2. We were supposed to be having a museum after the re-build. All gone very quiet on that front.
  3. You can believe what you like. Personally I think being pictured on the front pages of all the tabloids watching his mate piss in a glass wasn’t a career enhancing move on his part.
  4. Getting rid of a player that watched somebody pissing in a glass to sign a wife beater is some step.
  5. Congratulations Dolly - lovely photo. In 65 years only seen a handful of great seasons. 2014/15 was one of them. Thank you Steve, get well soon.
  6. One of our greatest signings in my humble opinion. Especially considering he was on crutches when he signed. Have met him a couple of times, lovely man, also loved his time here.
  7. Lot of conjecture on here. Villa could well have come back. Just as Sheffield could have gone on to win 3:0. Think what’s being said here is that VAR has been sold as the be all and end all to solving dodgy decisions. In this instance it plainly cocked up and I do have some sympathy with Bournemouth. Do you believe that were we in their shoes (I know, we should be so lucky) we would act any different? I think Mr Lansdown would be on the phone to Quick,Grabbit & Run pretty swiftly.
  8. Yes that was awful. All their cups were destroyed, along with the saucers.
  9. Not 100% sure on this but didn’t we have Go West by the Pet Shop Boys for a short time?
  10. Certainly was a lovely goal. What I had to smile at though was all the fans behind the goal with those god awful clapper things. Just hope we never, ever go down that road.
  11. Agree with most 1970s onwards programmes not worth much - but always exceptions. Wouldn’t mind half a dozen 1996 cup final programmes for instance!
  12. Nice for the Rovers. They’ll get to visit a proper football ground.
  13. Eisa obviously not rated by management. As some have already said - will probably go for big money next year. Macauley Bonne for Charlton came from non league now scoring in the Championship (probably will tonight!) Realise LJ couldn’t have known he’d lose Afobe but a pity he wasn’t given the same chance as Semenyo
  14. Can only echo other thoughts here. Waiting for the Green’un 6:00 on a Saturday. A proper journalist along with Robin Perry who covered our friends in blue. RIP Peter.
  15. Sorry. Don’t get all the down on Mark Ashton. Never been a great fan myself but can you imagine when he had that phone call telling him Nketiah was going to Leeds? I know what I was saying. As for not turning up at the medical. Really? Think the bloke needs to take a good look at himself. Never wished injury on any player and won’t now. Wouldn’t imagine Arsenal were over the moon with his antics.
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