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  1. Is Naismith particularly dominant in the air? He's no Flint. He also played as a wide player for a big chunk of his career so that may explain his crossing ability. If we restrict set piece taking to our wide players then its like DaSilva or Wilson taking everything.
  2. Why does it matter the position of the player who takes the corner? He used to be a winger if that helps? If he's the best player at the club at taking corners he should take corners regardless of his position...
  3. Maybe there's a deeper, perhap abstract meaning we are all missing?
  4. We've some remarkable nomenclaturists on this forum. Mere shitmunchers like you and I should just learn to bask in their creative glows and hope one day they'll rub off on us.
  5. Didn't we supposedly pay around £1m for him?
  6. Yeah I'm getting stitched with the £170 payment, £110, £110, £140, £140 and now £170.
  7. Was that the last time we played them?
  8. Araoye the next one to break through? Him and James Taylor seem to have been involved more than most of the other academy players this pre season.
  9. Britton isn't like for like for Martin tho?
  10. He seems to forget he was plying his trade for Magnotsfield before City gave him a chance. It didn't work out for him in the long run here but it gave him a decent platform to progress his career which hopefully he will do. Complaining about it afterwards doesn't really come across well.
  11. I'm not sure if the part about passing is true? He tries a lot of forward balls but has a pretty low success rate when doing so, giving the ball away quite a bit. I'm sure someone has the stats to prove me wrong tho!
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