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  1. Another one we've missed out on... WHAT ARE WE DOING??? GO GET IM STEVE. Pay as you play contract probably would have sealed it.
  2. That wasn't the question...
  3. I'm sure she would get enough from the divorce settlement to continue living the lifestyle...
  4. Pearson said a couple of days ago that Massengo will be involved 'in the next week or so'. Hopefully Villa I suppose.
  5. Looks like we finally have some decent set piece takers in Williams, James and Scott.
  6. But he's gone on trial at Wycombe now which is a step up from Cheltenham.
  7. A bit of Danish sizzle! On a baking hot afternoon...
  8. Mason Greenwood does apparently!
  9. Ha! I agree. I really want him to succeed as he does come across particularly well!
  10. Turned it on a couple of minutes before we scored and we've looked pretty good ever since. DON'T thank me...
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