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  1. Not really about being a keyboard warrior, I'm sure if you were there today and said the same you'd get a similar response.
  2. You're a bell end mate. He's being stretched off and 8 medical staff on so clearly a potentially worrying injury... Responses like this from our own fans are an embarrassment.
  3. I was being sarcastic as the original post was utter nonsense.
  4. Did they say on Robinstv the fan got hit by a ball?
  5. Benarous 4 star potential, we have quite a few at that level. Scott is our highest.
  6. Had a quick look at the City squad earlier. Edwards, Scott, Massengo and Semenyo all have 5 star potential. James rated as our best player. Kalas very under rated and considered a better right back than CB, with Baker rated higher than him. Tanner, Bell and Conway are all rated poorly.
  7. You lost any credibility when you said this unfortunately.
  8. @Hampshire redsis a different poster to @Hampshire Red.
  9. Interview was spot on, comfortably beaten by a better side. Not much point bringing on Scott to just chase the ball around. We barely touched it all match and that doesn't suit Scott at all.
  10. I'd like to think they all think they're good enough and should be involved! Need a little bit of self confidence and arrogance to make it.
  11. I wonder how far away from the France under 21 squad Massengo is?
  12. To summarise: Joe Williams is very very good.
  13. Sounds like injuries may have done for him, had surgery around a year ago and had to have follow up surgery 2 weeks ago as the issues haven't resolved.
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