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  1. A bit of Danish sizzle! On a baking hot afternoon...
  2. Mason Greenwood does apparently!
  3. Ha! I agree. I really want him to succeed as he does come across particularly well!
  4. Turned it on a couple of minutes before we scored and we've looked pretty good ever since. DON'T thank me...
  5. Its scary how easily transmissible and hard to detect it is. I currently have it so am self isolating but I have no symptoms and only picked it up on a chance PCR test I did as I had it lying around. Lateral flow tests were negative so without that chance PCR I would be out spreading it like wildfire without realising it... Worrying.
  6. Atkinson to go there next summer if he has a good season
  7. Pretty sure he's the Clevedon Town manager.
  8. Ffs now I'm going to have to sit on the portal for the next couple of hours...
  9. I know the Garratt Tavern in Wandsworth does this so worth a try if you get in early.
  10. Literally no where available if you haven't already booked somewhere.
  11. A bargain, so glad the scalpers are making so much money off of this...
  12. Haha that is the exact same as my thought process.
  13. I still prefer this number arrangement!
  14. Yes it must be off, we haven't had an update for a whole day!
  15. Bukayo Saka expected to start England’s #EURO2020 last-16 tie v Germany. 19yo shone in final group game & likely to join Sterling behind Kane. Mount, Grealish + Foden look set to be on bench with #ENG anticipated to go 3-4-3
  16. I think Watson hit the post didn't he? Having never missed or having very rarely missed?
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