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  1. Thanks for the heads up
  2. I'm going there today, always fun.
  3. Take the day off, do the Bermondsey beer mile before the match.
  4. In their defence I've been using it from the beginning and I've had major issues once or twice. I use Chrome and it's usually a case of logging out and back in again or having a bit of patience with refreshing. Its got a lot better the last couple of years.
  5. An amateur will often stitch up a professional.
  6. And they made him a Knight of the Realm... Overrated.
  7. DaveF


    Hes our best player isn't he? Barely lost the ball, was creative, won 6 or 7 free kicks when most players would have lost the ball. Interception then the run and cross for our first goal summed him up.
  8. First game in person for almost two years, can't wait!
  9. I was just backing you up mate. Attack the post not the poster please.
  10. DaveF

    Man City

    I don't understand having a second team. My dad made sure I had no choice but to support City when all my mates supported United in the 90s. I'm glad he did, the highs of supporting City have given me some of the best moments in my life. Not sure you really get that unless it's your local team who you've watched every weekend struggling to win a game in the lower leagues. For Man City fans it must great to see, I see Guardiola's comments as basically a rallying call to get more fans behind the team. For me the supports club guy is a bit of a moron for trying to taking a moral high ground that misses the point.
  11. Don't slag @Hampshire reds off for who he is...
  12. Nonsense. He's not a world beater but to tar him with that brush is ridiculous. Has played a few decent games and looked pretty solid, we've had far far worse.
  13. We're a little inconsistent and not hugely entertaining to watch but we aren't losing that many games at the moment. Making us harder to beat and a mid table finish would be a great achievement this season and we are very much on track for that. Home form is dire, the entertainment isn't the best but its still a whole lot better than last season and there's clear signs of progress. A bit more patience is required than 7 games I think...
  14. Which players do you mean exactly?
  15. He was playing wide left, not sure any of our wingers had a shot...
  16. Luton could have easily had 5, pretty dire.
  17. Particularly Vyner, his pass completion stats must be awful today.
  18. Akinfenwa and Parkin's physiques are incomparable. Akinfenwa is in insane shape, incredibly fit. Parkin was not.
  19. We should get Britton going full Parkin... He is renowned for his large stature (quadruple XL size shirt) and an unusual unathletic lifestyle which includes never going to the gym and not having a diet, eating large portions instead (for example: for lunch; tuna crunch sandwich, a bag of crisps, a pepperoni pizza, a steak bake and either a bacon and cheese turnover or a sausage bean and cheese melt; having a full English breakfast before training).
  20. I hope you're going to head down and ask some questions?
  21. The only doctor I trust is Doctor Neil Fox. Dr Fox, Foxy, the finest DJ / medical professional.
  22. Really? Surely there's a MUCH better way of doing that. Definitely total nonsense.
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