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  1. I thought the same, bit low on the release clause.
  2. I wonder what the odds of LJ being their manager by the end of the season are?
  3. Nige appears to be hung like a shire horse.
  4. Josh Hinds, only 18. He came on for the last few minutes against Bournemouth last match.
  5. Their first team squad size is now 27 apparently, on paper it's a ridiculously strong squad for league one!
  6. Ashton seemed to basically take a Director of Football role which was a bit worrying! Still that's in the past and things are starting to look up.
  7. Very interesting signing, looking forward to seeing him play.
  8. I've never heard of him so he must be rubbish. WE DESERVE BETTER.
  9. DaveF

    Andy King

    Almost like Nige knows what he's doing...
  10. I'm not sure it's anywhere near 'as you were' in the lower leagues, for most clubs it's an absolute disaster and a struggle to survive.
  11. You wouldn't get much back, he's 1/18 to join united at some bookies...
  12. 'Collecting' suggests they're being signed for the sake of it though.
  13. Not really, they've all made decent contributions already.
  14. Key player, he's not showing signs of slowing down.
  15. Might be wise to go with Baker and Vyner at full back to help defend set pieces, though its going to be difficult regardless!
  16. Under 5ft? Would that be classed as a 'small person'?
  17. Was Tommy Doherty number 4? Also Goodridge was 4 at some point wasn't he?
  18. Is number 4 a centre back or a centre mid? Centre mid for me.
  19. Great news. And today is his birthday
  20. It's ridiculous that Scott's ability is even up for debate. He's 17 and already looks comfortable at Championship level, playing out of position at right wing. Sky flashed up a stat in the first half where he had made 4 passes in the match so far and had created 3 chances, not bad going.
  21. We live in hope! See you down there for a pint.
  22. Fulham is a bloody lovely day out though isn't it? The Wetherspoons on the Thames, 20 minute walk through a lovely park to a nice old ground with views of the river? As lovely away days come it ranks highly... And we generally seem to do well there.
  23. We paid money for Massengo so I suppose he gets judged harder.
  24. I agree, more than our offering but I don't think it would be intimidating like the away days of 20 years ago. We probably sit in the average category for atmosphere.
  25. He made a few errors defensively been generally he was very good, a few moments of skill to keep the ball that were beautiful to watch. He's already quality and has huge potential.
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