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  1. Turned it on a couple of minutes before we scored and we've looked pretty good ever since. DON'T thank me...
  2. Its scary how easily transmissible and hard to detect it is. I currently have it so am self isolating but I have no symptoms and only picked it up on a chance PCR test I did as I had it lying around. Lateral flow tests were negative so without that chance PCR I would be out spreading it like wildfire without realising it... Worrying.
  3. Atkinson to go there next summer if he has a good season
  4. Pretty sure he's the Clevedon Town manager.
  5. Ffs now I'm going to have to sit on the portal for the next couple of hours...
  6. I know the Garratt Tavern in Wandsworth does this so worth a try if you get in early.
  7. Literally no where available if you haven't already booked somewhere.
  8. A bargain, so glad the scalpers are making so much money off of this...
  9. Haha that is the exact same as my thought process.
  10. I still prefer this number arrangement!
  11. Yes it must be off, we haven't had an update for a whole day!
  12. Bukayo Saka expected to start England’s #EURO2020 last-16 tie v Germany. 19yo shone in final group game & likely to join Sterling behind Kane. Mount, Grealish + Foden look set to be on bench with #ENG anticipated to go 3-4-3
  13. I think Watson hit the post didn't he? Having never missed or having very rarely missed?
  14. The French chef?
  15. Cant imagine Cardiff fans will be happy with Neil Taylor saying Ramsey 'burst onto the scene at 16 with Arsenal'... probably one of Cardiff's best academy products.
  16. Scotland look pretty poor, McTomminay in particular has been a below par.
  17. I was there, it was wonderful.
  18. Seems completely reasonable to me, people should be doing these home tests regularly anyway. I have to do one for the cricket on Thursday.
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