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  1. ......... apparently named after Robbored. How? Poor lad shattered both hands 'overdoing it' watching Gary / Lee Johnson on youtube. P.S. And it's not true Andrea Leadsom is one of the latest Bond girls.
  2. ...


    Yes, and its Lee Johnson's fault. What a bastard.
  3. PROOF brexit is bad for the UK?? Expect EU to exceed 2000 mph in early April 2019. Peoples vote now odds-on.
  4. No. He would only buy tickets for a Johnson tribute act.
  5. Are you aware you are being used as a rent boy on one of the match threads today?
  6. What? The sags do anything silently? REALLY??
  7. Yes - I know. All the runway markings are gone and they had a go at digging a bit up (its really hard apparently).
  8. Apart from the fact it won't get permission either. This is Bristol - you can't rush into things (apart from closing massive runways).
  9. Where are the 'big hitters' on this subject. We need to hear from Aizoon ................
  10. Andrea Leadsom has a pretty sporting figure, from where I am standing. I'd be happy to ask the question, and this sounds like the perfect excuse to me. PM me. tfj
  11. .......... Goombay Dance Band featuring Andrea Leadsom?? tfj
  12. Lost in Andrea Leadsom ........... Give me Half a Chance.
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