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  1. They didn't fancy lending another team their away kit after Mansfield then!
  2. Northampton have sacked Curle too. Tisdale to go there and keep them up, sending rovers down?
  3. I liked Chop Souey when Liverpool sacked Souness!
  4. RIP John. I was a member of the junior reds back in the mid 90s and went on several away trips, playing games in the morning all over the place. It must have been a lot of hard work organising these trips. John, his family and everyone else involved were very much appreciated. Sorry for your loss @Silvio Dante
  5. I seem to remember him breaking his leg during the second home game. May be wrong though, I was only 15 back then!
  6. Certainly missed him after promotion... Dyche and Watts were awful!
  7. David Bentley got booed at Wembley after refusing to play for the under 21s I think.
  8. I'd love to beat the Welsh. Would make Cardiff away the following week more fun!
  9. The tents, I mean stands at the Minimal look like market stalls
  10. Bob Taylor got a great reception when he came back with West Brom. As expected!
  11. I presume the 30,000 loyal and true fans turned up for kick off at 3pm then!
  12. In fairness to him, that new Dutch keeper has got a pretty big name!
  13. The dogs of Walsall are running scared... Darrell Clarke new manager there!
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