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  1. Another tournament of 'if only's' for me. If only we'd played pressing, counter attacking football like we did in the first half for more than 30 minutes. Italy were on the back foot and arguing amongst themselves. We sat back and allowed them back into the game. If only we'd had another fit, experienced forward. Kane wasn't at this tournament. No form and obviously not fit. Southgate can't fancy Calvert Lewin or he would have played more. Crying out for someone like Bamford to play 20 minutes and take the heat off Kane. If only we'd believed in ourselves more. Too much back, side, back crab like passing If only Southgate trusted creative players. Grealish, Sancho and Foden all wasted. If only Mason Mount wasn't the golden child. Runs around a lot, can take a free kick but creates very little but the pundits lick his ring constantly.
  2. Am I the only person that thinks that if Nige isn't given money to spend at some point in the next year he'll be off? If he has a reasonable season with us surely a bigger club will come for him? I'm sure he's aware that our owner is one of the wealthiest men in the country and might expect him to open his wallet and try to get us to the Premier league one day. If Lansdown has any ambition at all, surely he'll know this? I know he's invested millions over the years and without him we'd be fubar but I don't know if Nige will hang around being fed freebies and playing kids. Only time will tell I suppose.
  3. Was at Old Trafford when he scored a hat trick and appeared to have the football World at his feet.
  4. Cormack was stylish and elegant. Scored some important goals to keep us up. Lovely player
  5. If you ask him, Bobby Gould would say he was....
  6. Nope. Don't have any Ians in my family
  7. Because they're paid far too much to do something really simple. And still they want to take the easy route.
  8. Somerset. Grew up watching Viv, Both and big bird. Followed them home and away for years when not playing for Temple Cloud. Magic days
  9. And another thread dissolves into petty handbaggery
  10. Gone to a lot of effort just to show we were pony. Just saying....
  11. I think his priority will be a leader on the pitch. Someone who's been there and done it. Someone to shout and cajole and encourage. Someone who we've been crying out for for too long. We need leadership on the pitch as much as off it.
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