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  1. If he succeeds he can put 'turd polisher' on his cv.
  2. So, a premier squad made us look average. We're a work in progress. Calm down
  3. In another game at Northampton we were 3-0 down at half time and Jordan and Fitzpatrick (?) had both been sent off. I hated that cricket pitch. Worst for me was a midweek home game against West Ham in the 90's. I'd driven back from Scotland where I was in the RAF to watch it. 4-0 down at half time I seem to recall.
  4. Quality player. Get well soon son
  5. Winning at Old Trafford when Mabbutt scored a hat trick. Had my first ever curry in Worcester on the way home. Happy days
  6. Yes because Russian oligarchs are squeaky clean aren't they.
  7. Fights breaking out everywhere that day. Boiling hot weather. Classic game
  8. Leicester away in the FA Cup. Snow and ice pitch side. If you were there, you know.......
  9. I think Southgate has seen something in Greenwood's personality that he doesn't like. Immature maybe
  10. We were crying out for Bamford at the Euros to come on for an unfit, out of form Kane for half an hour. Very intelligent bloke who learnt his trade on loan, similar to Kane. Definitely deserves his place
  11. Norman Hunter. Brought so much quality and experience to us. Much more than a hard tackler. Could outjump most strikers and hit fifty yard passes straight into the path of a player. Hit a mean free kick too
  12. Cashley Ayling Hunter Gow Collier Merrick Scott Murray Tinnion Andy Cole Jacki Walsh
  13. Got a£4 pair of Hugo Boss Orange from a charity shop. Best jeans I've ever had
  14. West Wing. Watched every series 5 times Morse. Beautifully written and acted Green Wing. Crude, funny, brilliant Frasier. Clever comedy and camp farce The Simpsons. Humour, pathos, human fragility, addiction and its a cartoon. Genius
  15. Smoked a cigarette. Never even had a drag. Disgusting
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