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  1. What would you have done instead out of interest? He took off Conway who is pretty new to the division and played almost all of the game a few days ago. That makes sense to me.
  2. That's very kind mate - glad to help out people who might not be able to catch the game for whatever reason. If anyone feels that way inclined I'd much prefer a small amount to go to somewhere like CHSW (https://www.chsw.org.uk/get-involved/ways-donate/make-donation)
  3. Brilliant break, great work by Conway! Fantastic start.
  4. Instead feel pleased that he won't be the last!
  5. My guess is they mean as part of what I think is the semi-organised march bit, rather than someone just attending? Just poorly worded I think.
  6. I agree - and it's not just the straight up money. These players all need training time and resources spent on them, physios, etc. which is harder to quantify but will have a reasonable impact.
  7. Oh nice, so are they through to play half a game in the next round then or..?
  8. Easy to say they played a weak side, it's only the cup or whatever - but if we'd have put in another drab performance or lost it'd be used as ammo against the club. You can't have it both ways. Enjoy the win and roll on Saturday.
  9. Brilliant, well done City. Sounded really convincing against a decent side.
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