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  1. His answers sound EXACTLY like the ones you pick in a pre/post match interview on the football manager games.
  2. Hope so - Shrewsbury would be an ideal place to send some of our kids on loan in my opinion. We know the manager and what to expect from him and his standards, I can see him and Pearson getting on reasonably well, it's a quiet place where they're not going to get into trouble or swept up into "the lifestyle", and only a couple of hours from Bristol.
  3. Why do you trust him rather than the many more "credible scientists" on the other side? That's minutes from a SAGE meeting, talking about high numbers of infections in combination with high levels of vaccination. You said this: That's disinformation. You also said this: Which is missing a massive amount of context and being presented in an intentionally misleading and alarming way.
  4. "Injuries"... the absolute vast majority are things like "sore arm" you just missed that off your screenshot as it doesn't agree with what you were saying. And WHY do you trust that specific government data, but not all the other government data telling you to get the vaccine?
  5. Actually we have a number of ways we count them. Excess deaths (up around 85k in 2020 alone), deaths within 27 days of a positive test (about 130k), and deaths with covid on the death certificate (around 150k). There's also the issue of your argument being: - I don't trust the government! - But here's some government data and data from the yellow card scheme to back up what I said - But don't look at the rest of the government data, or the rest of the yellow card scheme, I don't trust that again (because it doesn't agree with my very specific viewpoint) It's completely logically inconsistent
  6. Brilliant free thinking again, did you miss this bit during your no doubt extensive research? "The nature of Yellow Card reporting means that reported events are not always proven side effects. Some events may have happened anyway, regardless of vaccination. This is particularly the case when millions of people are vaccinated, and especially when most vaccines are being given to the most elderly people and people who have underlying illness." "It is important to note that Yellow Card data cannot be used to derive side effect rates or compare the safety profile of COVID-19 vaccinations as many factors can influence ADR reporting." "It is very important to note that a Yellow Card report does not necessarily mean the vaccine caused that reaction or event." How about this bit from the exact same scheme you're linking? "Vaccines are the best way to protect people from COVID-19 and have already saved thousands of lives. Everyone should continue to get their vaccination when asked to do so unless specifically advised otherwise." Or is all that stuff not trustworthy, but the bit you linked is?
  7. Hahah, you mean like posting a fullfact.org post and not reading it? Or using their quote of the facebook article they're debunking to back up your point? True free thought! Absolutely laughable.
  8. Blimey, your movies have taken a dark turn since I last watched them.
  9. Blaming lockdown and stewards etc. is just passing the buck for me. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. There's always opportunity to do wrong or people who would facilitate it given half a chance and a bit of £ Personal responsibility.
  10. At that level I don't think pens come down to records or how good you are at taking them, it comes down to your nerve. Getting 60% or whatever at PL level is nothing compared to that walk tonight from the centre circle. I'd have the more experienced players ahead of most of the kids personally
  11. Great idea! I also think none of the team should EVER play another game for club OR country again after that!!! Genius!!!
  12. Given Allstars at the top of Park St had a queue of around 400 from 10am this morning I think you'd be lucky! I reckon you'd have more luck in a local pub, but even that's unlikely
  13. "In the interests of our daughter and our family we would like to remain private however we wish to thank everyone for your amazing support. "Our daughter would like to request your generous donations go to UNICEF, knowing that your kindness will do good."
  14. Same principle... What can go wrong will at this stage in my mind!
  15. It's got to the stage where I'm worried a high ball is going to somehow bounce over Pickford and go in
  16. And yet has still forgotten more about football than you'll ever know
  17. Always nervous I'll miss the start so go for a pee and get another beer during the build up and get back just in time for the bloody ads
  18. Not a fan of the pre match punditry on ITV compared to the BBC recently. Yawn. Pretty uninspiring group in my opinion!
  19. Yeah, and that will happen with players too no doubt... just look at City this summer! I agree he gets paid a vast amount, but I'd rather credit him for what he does do compared to others rather than use it as a stick to beat him with. He didn't choose to earn that much, he's capable of playing at the highest level and that's the going rate. Given his diet, holidays, exercise, what he drinks, every move he makes etc. is already under intense scrutiny I'm maybe a bit more lenient on a young bloke in his early 20s. At least he's trying to make a difference right! To be honest even pro footballers are small fry compared to the super rich - the Bet365 CEO got the equivalent of almost £10m / week last year!
  20. So if your performance at worked dipped you'd be quite happy with them telling you to stop going to the pub with your mates on a Friday night and no more city games on a Saturday for a few months as they think it's distracting you? It's a job. It's already a lot more invasive than most of us would put up with.
  21. Hopefully the same ones that he's been on all tournament judging by our success so far!
  22. Clueless Southgate with possibly the worst lineup ever and I expect we'll get thumped so badly we're banned from the next Euros. (Posting this to get quoted in 3 hours time when we're in the semis)
  23. Great start, c'mon the Swiss
  24. I agree. Personally I don't care even if it does have an impact on advertising revenues or sponsorships either - there are better ways to measure if something was a good idea than whether it affected the bottom line... or there should be at least! CEO of Bet365 earnt £469 MILLION last year for gods sake.
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