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  1. The board have given me their full backing over this
  2. Park End, can’t ever remember it raining. Can anyone remember big Merv who would bellow witticisms for just behind me?
  3. Why bother, the job is being done perfectly adequately already. Unless you want complete media control that you can’t exercise over the current providers.
  4. Here are the Bad Losers, one of the three live acts at Bill Bash!
  5. With Team Bath selling out top flight netball matches you think Bristol Sport would have Had thoughts of a professional netball team for Bristol.
  6. Bill Waine is a legend, a word that is very overused, but if anyone qualifies then it’s Bill. He’s been involved in the Bristol music scene since the late ‘70’s, played in some of the best bands that Bristol has ever produced, and has proved himself a massively talented musician. Furthermore Bill is a character, raconteur and has many close mates in and out of the scene. Unfortunately 2019 has been a disastrous year for Bill. A series of strokes, heart failure and various other health issues has left him incapacitated and housebound. The Grim Reaper came calling for Bill, but he kicked him rig
  7. Bit of a gamble - out of work since this. (Very apt answer phone message though)
  8. So we get our name on a brick, bit like the roll of honour listing the share holders names that was in the Williams. The one that probably got left in the stand when it got demolished
  9. So a billionaire wants to buy my shares for a £1 each. Hmmm let me think nope.
  10. What you need is a nice can of Fanta (TM) to go with that.
  11. In this day and age of CCTV, mobile phone cameras and the internet can anyone provide just one image of a City fan in the away end at the Mem when they got relegated? (I’ve asked everyone of the Blue Few I’ve met since and they have nothing!) You’d imagine it would be all over Facebook, Twitter, Forums and the Evening Post. You would have thought the Police would have been very keen on finding out just who incited a riot at that match. For me this lie is the proof of their absolute delusion and it’s frankly embarrassing that they still wheel it out as an excuse for their horse
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