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  1. If you read Brian Clough’s book, Walking On Water, he speaks of his regret at how he handled the whole situation with Justin Fashanu, saying he wished he’d tried to of been more understanding. I’d also recommend that you watch the documentary Forbidden Games, which tells the whole of the story of Fashanu’s life. It’s very harsh to blame Brian Clough for all of his woes, remember John, his own brother wasn’t too thrilled when he came out as gay either. I can thoroughly recommend this, an excellent film.
  2. I’m wondering if they’re waiting for Craig Shakespeare to become available, he’s done the rounds with NP.
  3. Oldham, 2005-06, stopped in Walsall for some lunch, 5 minutes up onto the M6 was the start of the worst traffic jam I’ve ever come across, crawled all the way up to Manchester, missed the start of the game and got in to find us 2-0 down. We then promptly had a goal disallowed and ended up losing 4-3. One of those days when you really shouldn’t of bothered.
  4. As it’s National poetry day, here’s a little something I came up with, City are red, Rovers are blue, Joey Barton is going back to prison for a year or two!
  5. 100%, I’m 40, and never gave a toss about Cardiff until 20 years ago when Sam Hammam put the money in there. The Gas will always be the one that matters for me.
  6. Some of the ignorance on this thread is hilarious! Bristol has a hardcore of working class supporters. Most of the people that play Rugby In this city are solidly working class. There’s a lot of chips on shoulders on here.
  7. I’m still waiting for my tickets to arrive! 12 days since I booked them! Who misses the good old day when you could go down to the club shop and buy them in person?
  8. Small cars next to the pitch seemed to be a feature of football years ago, I was watching The Big Match Revisited last week, it was Coventry v Arsenal from 1975, and there was a load of Bubble Cars lined up on the side of the pitch with OAP’s sat in the drivers seat watching the game!
  9. Just booked for me and my mate, around 130 left. Glad to get in the upper tier, much better than the lower from previous experience.
  10. Seems plausible, a bit of quick research shows they’ve just been taken over by a billionaire, hopefully this frees up wages for a striker.
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