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  1. Note these are only the ones out of contract, so much easier to let go. The interesting thing will be which of those under contract he doesn’t rate.
  2. Don’t know about anybody else but this is the first time I’ve got that match day buzz for almost a year. Partly due to no fans being in attendance but in a larger part just disillusioned with the direction of travel, I had almost lost interest. Now buzzing thanks to big Nige, whatever the result today!
  3. Just because they currently manage U19/U20 teams doesn’t necessarily mean they are good with youth - just means they couldn’t get jobs with club sides!
  4. This must be a wind up. If nothing else it would be pretty hard to manufacture. Not that they would need to manufacture many more than 18.
  5. Make no mistake, Nahki Wells is probably as good as it gets at the moment in terms of a proven championship striker that we can afford/attract. Of course Dwight Gayle would be lovely but probably doesn’t want to come and almost certainly too expensive.
  6. Where did you hear that? Seems highly unlikely
  7. Might explain why we’ve given Cisse a job in the back room team. Translator etc
  8. Jeez Davefevs - talk about a bloody rollercoaster!
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