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  1. I’d see that as a bonus!!
  2. Dont worry the wont see him after 3 defeats on the trot!
  3. I just saw Dave Kitson at a petrol station if that helps?
  4. I do wonder about all these ‘top coaches’. Stick them in L2 with zero budget and see if they can build success rather than be handed it by buying it!
  5. No need. Dave Kitsons hair is so orange you dont even need to spy to spot him arriving for his contract signing!
  6. I think the hardline tactics work for a while ( Gary Johnson for example ) but wonder how modern day softy footballers will cope with it over a prolonged period. I guess we will find out!
  7. Simple really. Easy culture. Nice place to live. Earn decent money. Club is too soft ( possibly changing wiv Nige in charge now ), including SL being too soft. All this nice human bollox does my head in. Pro sport is ruthless and cut throat yet we have a soft culture and therefore dont succeed as such. Hopefully Nige will sort us!
  8. Sacked by the summer! new owner wont be keeping him if they dont get through the playoffs i reckon.
  9. Correct. Guaranteed to score against us every time.
  10. Not so sure about home games, but David bloody Kelly should suffice. Several times.
  11. Still love the ‘no chance to save at all’ commentaries on many of the goals.
  12. O’Leary should be saving that!
  13. nickolas


    Erm, read the sentence i wrote below!!
  14. nickolas


    I’d sign him up but prob have to be 50% wage cut. Hes not as injured as everyone makes out but its hardly surprising as he dives at everything! This years injury doesnt count as weve had a shocker with the whole club this year!
  15. Ah the old knee injury. The new hamstring!
  16. To be fair, i’d rather Pato than Palmer given the choice. More quality and goals in Pato, and he probably still beats Palmer for consistency even though hes inconsistent himself. Was brilliant playing just behind Reid a few years back. Given big Nige staying and seemingly liking a 4231 formation, i’d have him as the central man of the 3. However, we could also do with the huge clearout thats available to us too, so its a difficult one. I expect a lot of OOC players this year may be in for a salary shock trying to find a new deal or new club though.
  17. Pretty sure Luton have one of the lowest goal scoring stats for away games too. Now ive gone and done it!! 3-0 defeat it is then!
  18. Bentley Vyner Kalas Baker Rowe Massengo Semenyo Bakinson Pearson Conway Britton Sod it we are safe so bomb out the ones we know we dont want and let some kids enjoy themselves
  19. I think many of them may not be the brightest lightbulbs. They also have the other football enigma - an agent. Greedy agents ‘advising’ their clients. If nothing else, Covid should drive down wages to help clubs deal with finances.
  20. Well, failing barbaric means of motivation, i cant think of anyone who could motivate a squad full of players who couldnt give a toss because theyre out of contract in a month’s time. Pathetic and shameful bunch of players. Give Nige his squad and some of his own players and then judge him.
  21. I hate playing Rotherham, but i would soooooooo like to be playing them next year at the expense of Shreks-Derby!
  22. Ah well. Atleast they can enjoy League 1 and some lovely away trips for their bitterness.
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