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  1. Love the word berk. Im guessing you are a 50+ gentleman?!
  2. They took advantage of our obvious lack of height and weakness at crosses. Fair play to them. We were poor. Too slow in possession. Clearly no outball without a physical presence up top so almost as if we played it around just for the sake of it. starting to hit home that we need 2 or 3 back from injury imo now. bit of freshness required. kalas got to come straight back in for a bit of steel. lets hope Nagy and Korey arent far behind.
  3. Seen a couple of commentaries describe the pass as a ‘long punt’ and a ‘long ball down the middle’. The shame!!! clearly dont know a quality pass if they saw one. if that was in the PL the commentators wouldve been all over it.
  4. nickolas


    Havnt read all the comments but could i be first to say that he probably miss-controlled handing the cash over......?! nice thing to do tho Fam.
  5. Simply put thats another big time charlie fan in disbelief little old bristol city could possibly make that for a player!!
  6. Well atleast hes not actually sat on Bakers shoulders hey.
  7. Got to laugh havent you. Rain mustve gotten into his eyes!!!
  8. Only different if you are a delusional northern person wearing very dark glasses!
  9. nickolas

    Adam Nagy

    Hes been seemingly doing the same rehab as Korey Smith looking at twitter, so can only imagine hes nowhere near fitness.
  10. Hmmmmmm. Searched every game at Atyeo end of Dolman. Depending on parking we can quite regularly enter via Raynes Rd and South Stand to zero searches. Im not against it either but the sheer fact the head steward at the Dolman insists its carried out at all stands is, to be frank, hillarious!!!
  11. You mean to say, after all that, she didnt even ask you to unzip your coat?! Shoddy stewarding. jobs-worth comes to mind. Power hungry. Chance of being in charge for once a fortnight. Lock down. Pahahahahahahaha!!!!
  12. Oh you were all out for sure!! Lining the streets! better than letting trouble flare up but little old me by myself wasnt going to get up to much!!
  13. Spanish inquisition for me over by coronation road. Walked there to meet my 81 yr old father whilst we waited for a lift. Questioned by PC Plod if i was Swansea or City ( whilst wearing my city shirt). Told him not to be so jumpy and looking for something that isnt there!!
  14. Well, remaining term of contract paid up should the club accept a sale. Nice fee for us. As LJ said before the window, he would prefer he signed before it closed to show commitment rather than sign after as it would look like hes signed due to no other deal. Im with LJ!!
  15. Great news. Now worth an awful lot more when he gets the move he’s actually after in January or the summer!!!!
  16. None will get in serious trouble as can you seriously see the EFL penalising Villa, Derby etc as the big boys? Pointless rules being set with FFP as EFL dont seem to have the bottle to follow through with punishments.
  17. nickolas


    Wasnt this time round tactical?! I thought LJ said he needed full back nearer centre backs at Derby. I reckon it was tactical and also a reasonable reason to get Webster back in the team.
  18. Exactly. Speaking of knobheads, anyone see the guy outside the dolman swinging punches, whilst carrying a 3 year old ( ish ) in one arm?! Now that is a proper bell end!!
  19. Pretty sure they were affiliated to Stoke. I was right next to this at the end. All a bit bizarre i reckon. Some couldve taken that the wrong way and caused issues.
  20. Well i hope hes out on the pitch, not wasting his time on here reading some joker posts!! i like Pato at the 10 position. Lets not forget thats where he played his best last season.
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