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  1. Really? I think season ending/season long injuries has a lot to do with the medical team and their inept training or recovery methods. You dont get the horrendous amounts of injuries weve had over the last 3 seasons due to bad luck.
  2. Offer him a deal for sure. Unfortunately all this ‘injury prone’ talk has to be attributed to our failing medical team and their processes. There have been far too many similar injuries to call players injury prone. Poor rehab is clear for many players which has to be a contributing factor. Let him go and you just know we’ll see him back running games against us for Coventry.
  3. Dont worry im sure we’ll see another ‘Failand uncut’ ( which most definitely is edited), where the players are enjoying themselves, being pampered in luxurious surroundings. They are VERY lucky as Ashton Gate wouldve been toxic for many games this season, to which a lot of them wouldve never experienced probably. Theyve had it far too easy in many ways. Thank god most will ( i hope) be binned in the summer.
  4. We are not ostriches! We know the majority of that shower of shite need to go. Hopefully Nige sorts it.
  5. Lansbury? Well that just about sums it up. If we wanted effort and commitment then thats the last player i’d choose. FFS.
  6. ‘I dont want to use it as an excuse’. Erm well Joey, stop going on about it then!
  7. Pretty easy to sort really. The majority, if not all, of the ooc players should be shoved out the door. A lot of expensive deadwood will be gone and SL needs to back Nige with 6 or 7 quality additions in his mould of player. Will be a full rebuild but getting the majority of that overpaid crap out of the squad will make an instant and huge difference.
  8. Exactly this!! Non league ref bottled the obvious red card as it was early in the game. The certainly wouldve had a harder time with ten men. I almost think they’d have never come back if they hadnt had come up first time.
  9. They were lucky to bounce back out of the conference first time. Half of my life weve been above them now. Couldnt care less about them, especially when friends of mine who are gasheads seem more concerned by our results than their own. When they try to take the piss out of us when they are where they are i say sod em and hopefully they fall again and again!!
  10. Yes. Will we though? I doubt it. Was never a fan in the countless times hes played against us. He couldnt seem any more unhappy ( yes i know hes not a winger ). We’d be lucky to get £1m and neither will be sell for that i shouldnt think.
  11. Oh yeah! . Spelling as good as our home form.
  12. Easily our best cm. can pass. Looks forward to pass. But can commit the synical tackles like his booking that we dont seem to have a single player capable of doing. Im looking forward to Nige clearing out the likes of Hunt etc and replacing with hungry, physical and synical players. We are too small. Too nice. Too sloppy and hes got the luxury of ridding most of the deadwood in just a few weeks.
  13. Ive found a positive from all this! I am not going to piss away another tenner for a couple of weeks!
  14. Not that either of the CB’s werent within 10 yards of the striker from a floated cross?? Poor marking first up, that perhaps led to Bentley having to come out?!
  15. Well, i’ll have you lot know, Nige is now my personal account Manager!!!!
  16. Probably one of the most inept team performances of the 500!
  17. Every single ooc player to leave. Should clear a fortune in wages to allow Nige to shape something that resembles his team to play in the way he will want to. Thats just not going to happen at the moment with so many injured and the ooc players clearly not giving a sh1t.
  18. Cant wait for every single ooc player to be let go. Dont need any of them. The sooner we do that, retain Nige, and give him funding for a decent 6 players that might actually want to be here the better.
  19. nickolas


    No, the whole club needed it! Too nice. Too cosy. Too easy. For far too long now. This appointment hopefully takes us away from the ‘hes a nice bloke’ sense of feeling and we may actually turn into a competitive, aggressive and therefore successful club. Its been far too nice for too long from top down. Perhaps the reality has finally hit home for SL that if he wants success then he needs someone at the helm to demand and command respect. But ofcourse, im sure Nige is still a nice human!
  20. Lansbury-Dinning! Hes not showing me anything i didnt expect from seeing him against us several times. Huge ego. Lazy. Living off of his ‘name’ and Arsenal connections. Another in our long list of financial cluster####s! Yes he might be unfit but this is the epitomy of wage stealing!
  21. Howler. But game shouldve been stopped for Hunt head injury!
  22. Was odd. He had all the right noises about a pro contract then that was it, nothing. Seems strange but hes defo not had contact, apart from asking the club to help him with finding a club locally as a reference.
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