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  1. Good goal. Needs to do that more
  2. Am I right that the Premier League has a maximum cost for away fan tickets? I seem to have seen something that it was £30 max. I may be wrong? Surely the Championship should have the same thing. I remember a friend went to a game at West Brom 2/3 years ago when they were still in the Prem - and their ticket cost £18 - and it was a good seat, a third of the way back, on the side, level with the Penalty area. Clubs need to price games more appropriately!
  3. Only comment to this is the word “should”!! Surely Jerry should be able to say “will” if this is indeed true! Not always received a new card - would be good to know for definite
  4. Torquay just need to get the ball up Hartlepool's end and get some set pieces to have a chance to get a goal before the inevitable penalties!
  5. Two different friends of mine are going to the Torquay game. Random ticket allocation - one in the upper Lansdown Row 11 and the other in the third row from the front of the Aryeo behind the goal. Both paid £41 plus a booking fee! Outrageous!!! Money grabbing by the National League!
  6. Why are throw ins now allowed to be taken 20yds away from where the ball went out?? England just conceded a throw in by the corner flag - when it was taken the Croatian player took it level with the top of the penalty area! Crazy advantage!! Shouldn’t be allowed!
  7. In the second half of the season Torquay had nearly as many injuries as us - Danny Wright, their centre forward missed many games at the end of the normal season when Torquay dropped from the top of the league and automatic promotion back to the EFL. GJ has done wonders for Torquay, and living not many miles from Torquay have worked with season ticket holders for many years. They really deserve to get back into the League - and I really hope they win at Ashton Gate next week. Today, they rode their luck at times, and were second best for parts of the game, and got a generous penalty - but in the final third they were probably better than Notts County - do that again next week and hopefully they will return to League Two in August.
  8. I hope the proper eleven have more creativity than this bunch - at the back it’s pass pass pass and back pass. Only when the ball gets to Grealish or Shaw is there some real positivity!
  9. Bobby Madley has shown how far down the referring pecking order he has fallen. Two awful decisions - Pen not given to Newport in the first half. And the appalling decision to award a Pen in the second half. As mentioned before - hate it or love it, VAR would have sorted both of those decisions. Newport were very very hard done by.
  10. Absolutely - just stood on a Swansea players foot right in front of Sian Massey. Would make it a good game to see him get sent off!
  11. The second half v Plymouth when he scored two goals to get us back level - he was unplayable. He could and should have gone on to much much more as a player. Real shame
  12. Delighted with this ….. and they didn’t need VAR to prove it either! We should see much more of this type of thing in the English leagues.
  13. I would suggest you email Jerry Tocknell at SLO@bcfc.co.uk I’m sure he will sort this out for you - I have found him very efficient when I have needed any help.
  14. Bakinson needs to work on his speed! He’s looked very sluggish all game. One of his least inspiring!
  15. Alex Scott’s idol is Jack Grealish, he wears his socks like Jack Grealish and is winning free kicks like Jack Grealish!!
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