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  1. So we have Downing left - which of him and Simmo were defence or attack minded - I can’t remember!! Does this Downing fit better with Fleming?
  2. I can’t disagree with this at all - I’ve never seen what Simpson and Downing have brought to the party. Make the change!
  3. Second half of the second half we’ve been shocking. Before they scored we looked pretty good - but since then ……
  4. Since the goal we gave away - we’ve lost the ability to pass the ball effectively and look really poor. Apparenly Millwall have only kept one clean sheet all season. …. That’ll be two in 15 mins!
  5. Wells not on the bench - was replaced by O’Dowda
  6. No it was Weimann close up to the keeper when he took it too far!
  7. Yep. When he took it too far and let the keeper save it rather than shoot first time before he was closed down!
  8. Agreed. Glad I’m watching on the Red Button and not paid a tenner!
  9. Customer service is shocking. I emailed both Jerry and the media team responsible for Robins TV and had no response from the latter even though Jerry suggested copying him in to add weight! Lot of good that did!!
  10. Ha ha - well that was down to IPad auto correct - , oh and a waste of time even mentioning it!!!! Or is that a ‘waist’ of time!
  11. That doesn’t happen if players are told that once a free kick is given any player from the team who has the kick given against them, kicks the ball - they will be instantly booked! No if’s but’s or maybe’s - just book the player. It’ll soon stop!
  12. Watching Hull v Sheff Utd and at every corner and set piece the Hull defenders are purely grabbing the Sheff Utd forwards round the waste! Its totally embarrassing defending and should be stamped out! As the commentators have said - when were defenders coached to grab players whilst not even looking at the ball. Refs need to just give penalties every time this happens!!
  13. For many years now City’s tactics from almost every kick off have driven me insane. We pass the ball back to someone on the centre circle and they hump it to left touch line hoping we will win the header. The number of times we lose possession - if I were frustrated enough to calculate - must be many many more times than we win possession or win a throw in. In open play when we have possession of the ball on the half way line we rarely hump it into that area - we aim to keep possession and build a move! Having conceded last night with the best part of three minutes still to play - we did this yet again and instantly lost possession and gave Luton the initiative! We needed to get the ball into,a dangerous area to try and snatch a winner! Please please - keep the ball from our kick offs and build - or in training, work on some tactics to move the ball around without aimlessly humping it forward into no mans land!
  14. I have been lucky enough to go to Anfield quite a few times over the past five years - for both European and Prem games and have sat on every side of the ground - except the Kop. The clarity of the guy who does their PA system is fantastic - and you hear the same voice booming out that you regularly hear on the TV when watching their games. His scouse accent and even what he says definitely improves the atmosphere for any supporter. Unfortunately our sound system isn’t a patch on Liverpool’s - and I’m afraid Downsey just doesn’t have the voice to make dramatic announcements. A lot that could be done …..
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