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  1. Yep. I realise that go on sale at 10:00. Normally the website or article would state how to purchase - online, by phone etc. Just seen nothing anywhere! Hopefully it’ll become clear!
  2. Anyone know if these tickets are being sold online or by phone? Nothing on the tickets section of the website!
  3. If football wants to use VAR then this is the exact thing for what it should be used. Red or Yellow - it shouldn’t matter - a clear and obvious mistake - no foul, no yellow and no sending off. Imagine that had happened in the first half! Crazy!
  4. So many players just not at the races …. James, Phillips, Saka, Bowen, Ramsdale at least and I hate to say it but the defence have looked a shambles without Harry MaGuire and I thought it would be more fluid when he wasn’t in the team. As has been posted before - clear to see who won’t be on the plane!!
  5. Over the last three or four games the only creativity has come from Grealish and Southgate doesn’t seem to want to give him a go from the start. Where has the midfield gone??
  6. Armani Little was Torquay’s Captain last season - had a great year and better than the conference - but never played for City!
  7. Interesting comments on this thread - but I’ve been a “supporter” for over 50 years - I’ve had a season ticket when living at home - until 1985, and once more for the many years to date once my children have come with me - despite living in S Devon and travelling over 100 miles each way for a home game! Going to away games is great - or should I say ‘was’ great, when you could choose to sit or stand! Latterly if I attend an away game you have to stand all game, not sit in your allocated seat and put up with the behaviour of ‘and I won’t call these supporters’ those who choose to act appallingly at away games! When Safe Standing arrives in full and makes away grounds provide seats for those who want to sit and standing for those who want to stand then I shall attend more games as a “supporter”. Having said that to have the chance “support” city on Robins TV for away games would be fabulous!
  8. This isn’t a bad shout as currently our fans who go away are, many but clearly not all, are often very unpleasant to be around. I went to Coventry last season with my son and can honestly say the behaviour of many fans was appalling. How some behave and believe it’s ok to be so aggressive is beyond me! Bring on iFollow for away games!
  9. On past performance of the shop they will have sold out by lunchtime and only have extra small left!
  10. Have four linesmen so they can stand on the attacking side of the throw in which stops teams gaining yards and yards as they must throw the ball in the ‘correct’ side of the linesman. Agree - Ban the offside law - it was done in hockey many years ago and has not had a negative experience on the game - we want more goals don’t we - so this helps At the end of each half the ref cannot blow the whistle until the ball is out of play - goal kick, throw in or corner.
  11. Depending on where you live it was available on Freeview 719 (or sometimes 722) depending on the other games Radio Bristol are covering. I live in Devon - but those channels cover almost all away games meaning I don’t need to pay for audio! Not sure about Home game coverage as I have a season ticket and go to pretty much every home game!
  12. E ticket works seemlessly - it even worked for me when my nephew from London wasn’t coming to a game and I wanted to buy his seat for another friend - because our accounts are linked the guy I spoke to on the phone offered to send me an e-ticket by email at no cost. It’s good that there is still some quality service here and there!!
  13. They did try in the City Centre - but as mentioned the rental cost must be excessive and how many people go into City centres these days - I haven’t been in one for probably 5 years. It would make more sense having a shop in The Mall - footfall is huge, and surely would attract a worthwhile revenue!
  14. I haven't but I will - not sure Jerry will have anymore luck at influencing the right people than me! Time will tell!!
  15. Many of us were reminded to spend our “rewards” money over the last few weeks, and if like me, you browsed our website and looked at what was on offer in the Club shop - you were probably disappointed at the lack of choice compared to 10, 20 or 30 years ago. I was having a quick look at the Hull website to see their reaction to yesterday’s game and a link for their ‘shop’ appeared - so I had a look. What a huge difference in choice - 5 different choices of Polo shirts, 5 different choices of T shirts, numerous items under a fiver and many many more under a tenner from key rings, glasses, place mats, bedding and it goes on and on!! Since the club shop (if you can really call it that) moved to the new location the choice has gone one way - down down down!! Come on City - review your buying strategy and bring back choice for us City fans - the “Robin” logo is surely here to stay for the time being - so buy “accessories” and “gifts” which will have a shelf life of more than one season, whereas Team shirts will always change! If in any need of inspiration - just look at the Hull club shop www.tigerleisure.com
  16. Definitely not the manager - it’s just the team need the right mentality and commitment to have the drive and desire and compete for 90+ minutes every game
  17. Can’t disagree - it’s our midfield that needs sorting. James is too pedestrian and negative - we need one or two midfielders who can tackle, pick a pass and not get injured!!
  18. If we had a quality attack minded midfielder then perhaps they would have found Weimann many more times
  19. And not just seats at the front where the view is crap. Bring back the two locations for away fans - behind the goal for those who want to stand and more expensive seats at the side for those who wish to sit! I would happily pay slightly more to go away and know I was going to be able to sit and get a good view without the verbal abuse experienced at many away grounds this season! Going away used to be fun - not anymore!!!
  20. This ref books people for fun! Just need to look at his stats for the season - regularly giving 5 or 6 cards at least per game!
  21. And hopefully less tactically naive!
  22. Whats equally annoying is that it sounds like the first goal was clearly offside (according to Radio Briz) - if so there should be a call for some form of VAR in the Championship - its becoming too regular that lower teams are getting poor decisions in favour of the 'big' teams!
  23. That looks very poor from Bentley - even though Andi sticks out an aimless leg - Bents should do better
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