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  1. The shop is truly crap. It was better when we had TFG as kit supplier, and even that was fairly woeful.
  2. Don’t get the hate for FBC to be honest. It’s the first city pod I listen to each week, followed by OSIB and then maybe 3 peaps but I struggle to get on board with 3 peaps as it does play things very safe r.e. Any criticism of the team or club. FBC and OSIB will at least call out crap football when they see it, and let’s face it - apart from Hull 5-0 there’s been an awful lot of crap to discuss this season.
  3. But if NP then goes on to state that most of those players will still be here regardless, what’s the incentive? If they’ve already decided they’re not on board with NPs plan, but know they are staying then they could easily plod along collecting a wage without any real need to knuckle down. There’s no real threat to underperforming players here is what I’m getting at.
  4. Then why say (on several occasions) that players won’t be here next season after a defeat in his post match press conference? At best he’s giving off mixed messages here.
  5. OddBallJim


    Not a fan of Downsy, much preferred David Lloyd and also his immediate predecessor (unsure of the name) circa 2003-2005 who did the massively elongated “come on you redssssssss” before kick off. Much better. Why be so precious over a hat?
  6. This is a very odd and jarring comment to make by NP considering he has (after several defeats this season) repeated his mantra of getting rid of players that don’t engage with his plan/vision. It stinks of all bark and no bite to me?
  7. Yes, we’ve renewed our two season tickets. Yes, we are probably mad for doing so
  8. Never got the hype about him when he broke into the side. Average at Champ level on a good day. There’s better players in the positions he can fulfil at this level.
  9. Assuming the Sporting quarter redevelopment goes ahead, but we continue to be absolutely **** as a football side it may as well be more like “The Huboo City Robins Arena & Plaza” (Aka The C.R.A.P)
  10. No to LJ from me. Things are already fairly toxic, and he’s a marmite character. If it goes tits up, which I would expect it to, things will only get more toxic at AG.
  11. Yes I agree, this is also a concern and when you factor in RG’s posturing to the media that we would rather take a points deduction than accept a sub-par bid, it all adds up to a right old mess. Someone on here recently suggested stadium naming rights as an option. I’ve always been against this myself, but given how desperately we need investment I’m finding my opinion swinging towards anything is option now.
  12. It’s clear we aren’t getting out of this mess without serious investment into the playing staff. However, due to FFP we are financially hamstrung and NP has already come out in the press and squashed any expectation I had for next year by saying it’s unlikely we will be spending big in the summer (at least not unless we sell big). Assuming (for whatever reason) the big money bids don’t come in for the likes of Massengo, Semenyo or others, just how on Earth are we going to raise some much needed cash? Do the panel have any legitimate suggestions for alternative ways the club can generate some much needed income so we can go after the quality players needed to turn this around?
  13. It’s not for me. Three subs, with additional subs only allowed in the case of a head injury, is fine.
  14. A strategy based on high percentage of backwards passing is not entertaining just my view.
  15. There was unrest in the dressing room due to disparity of wages between some of the key players from the promotion and play off seasons. McIndoe was one of our highest earners, and this didn’t sit well within the camp. Apparently it all got out of hand from there as players (including Basso) started to question the club’s (or rather the management’s) thinking on player’s worth. I had the pleasure of speaking with Basso and watching him train when he was out of contract. This was what he told us at the time.
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