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  1. Empirical evidence from Sunday league football! if the opposition brings a mitre to the game, you're in for a tough afternoon. Guardiola blasted the standard of the EFL ball several years ago: Pep Guardiola blames Carabao Cup ball for City’s struggle against Wolves | Carabao Cup | The Guardian David James also wrote an article many years ago where he described the EFL ball as like kicking a shot put: Back down to earth with a bump at Bristol City | Bristol City | The Guardian
  2. Mitre balls are generally crap compared to Nike ones. Unlikely to get Nike in the EFL as they already sponsor the prem.
  3. I’ll have Lincoln for the win purely for the entirely petty reason that Lee Burge and I made it to the final round of Worcestershire county trials for the keeper position back in the day. He got picked and went on from those trials to sign for Coventry’s academy. I’ll have a Pint of bitter please!
  4. If anyone does actually want to do swaps on here DM me. I have a few duplicates at the moment sitting about.
  5. Likewise fella, likewise. Was as obvious as a fart in a lift he was not to be trusted.
  6. Forgive me if this is a post-bank holiday session induced hallucination... but I seem to recall a few seasons ago (possibly the season we had the 'traditional' robin on the away white and black kit), the club shop was selling cycling jerseys designed in the style of the home/away/third kit. I've not been able to find these anywhere since, not even on eBay. Did anyone ever buy one? What were they like quality wise? Also does anyone know anywhere selling them or something like this? Ta!
  7. Agreed. Have started digging out my collection of mid-to-late 90's shirts. We had some cracking away kits, all with the crest - and not the dated robin.
  8. Now that Pearson has been appointed I am quietly optimistic of a good season, but not a great one. I think we could finish anywhere from 7-10th and I'd be quite happy with that. Anything lower than 15th and I'd be asking a few questions. The ultimate ambition has to be season-on-season progress. With this season as the starting point, that isn't going to be too challenging next campaign. The real test, will be pushing on in the season following and ensuring we continue to add quality to the club - both on and off the pitch. For the first time in nearly 10 years, I am considering a season ticket also. Which can only be a good thing!
  9. Can we get Mark Ashton on via another of Ian's "impressions"?
  10. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, just curious as to whether any of the City podcasts (in particular FBC) are doing a podcast today/tomorrow in the wake of MA's departure announcement?
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