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  1. Waiting for them to fold in 3…2…1….
  2. Really frustrating. We’ve put in some really good performances against the likes of Boro, Swansea and Cardiff - but today I have to say we look really poor. Not able to string more than 5 passes together, full backs woefully out of position and offer nothing in attack, ball not sticking up top… Nigel has his work cut out this half. Preston do pass the ball around well, but also are very niggly and physical. Ref has given us very little, but we have also been bullied off the ball far, far too easily this half. Sort it out Nige!
  3. Swear there used to be someone on here by the handle of @cheese
  4. Haha! No I’m definitely not Ian Gay. Can’t say I’ve ever met him either! He’d probably still be rambling on by now if I had Do you sit in the south stand by any chance? I heard someone fairly recently a few rows behind me that sounded a lot like you. If not then you have a vocal doppelgänger! To all the pods - keep up the good work.
  5. As I said, I’m not the one producing these podcasts - you guys are and you deserve praise alone for that. Different strokes for different folks
  6. Each podcast has its own merits. FBC, my personal favourite, is often the one that I feel mostly reflects how I see the game. Odd, as I’m closer in age to the OSIB crew. Ian does rattle on a lot, but he’s often checked back in by Dave the host (who does a pretty good job) and Mark who seems to be the voice of reason. FBC are quite praiseworthy of the good at the club, but quite rightly critical of some of the absolute mismanagement that has occurred over the last 3 years and often tackle the issues or topics that OSIB and 3peaps skim over. OSIB is a weird one. It is funny but often in a David Brent kind of way. Shtanley does a fair job. The contributor Pete (?) isn’t my cup of tea, and often wonder if he is watching the same game as me, but I’m sure he’s a pretty decent fella. The recent uncensored episode was much better, I’d definitely enjoy it more if they stuck with this format. OSIB have decent conversations but I found them to be often far too soft on the club particularly under LJ. Less so under Holden. 3peaps seems the most professional of the 3 pods but is the one I’ve listened to the least. I don’t wish to cause offense but for me the main presenter of the pod has quite a boring voice so I struggle to stay engaged. Sorry fella! With that being said, I’m not the one who is popping out a podcast every week so each of these teams of podcasters deserve high praise for their passion for both City and getting regular City fan-produced content out there. Long may all 3 pods continue.
  7. Not really giant. More like under achieving medium sized club. Doesn’t have the same ring to it though…
  8. The answer is FFP, but we wouldn’t be in such a hamstrung position if we didn’t spaff millions on crap signings (with little to no resale value) under the guidance of Ashton IMO.
  9. I feel that taken in isolation the referee is not why we lost tonight. However, persistent foul play and cheating by Swansea was largely allowed to go on with only light punishment. How they didn’t end up with all 10 outfielders on yellows I’ll never know.
  10. For me, the football entertainment value is MUCH better under Pearson than it has been ever under Holden, and arguably not since LJs cup run. I can handle losing when we go out and attack the opposition, which we really are doing. Bentley hardly had a pass back to deal with tonight, which shows how much higher we press up the pitch now.
  11. If we had someone who could finish, we would be winning this game comfortably.
  12. Interesting, he's always been quite a physically imposing figure, I always thought this was why he often tried coming for crosses he had no right to get to (and inevitably ballsed up). I wonder what he meant by that? I recall it looked like his leg strength had gone, as he could barely make the halfway line with his goal kicks.
  13. We attacked from the first whistle. No sideways passing along the back four - instead move the ball early and quickly and actually run at the opposition with intent. So much better to see. Thoroughly fed up of the negative sideways football we endured on telly during lockdown. Think crowds returning has re-introduced the emotion to football. Can only be a good thing.
  14. Looks a bit like a young John Cena in the OP picture. (If you can see him that is).
  15. well I thought he was decent tbf so must’ve been watching a different game. If he had all the attributes that some are clamouring for then he wouldn’t be playing for us. Full back/wing back has become such a highly competitive and sought after position these days, at the higher levels.
  16. He was class, contender for MOTM for us this evening (IMO). Edit: have to mention Weimann as a contender also.
  17. Having just caught up with our “highlights” on the EFL show on quest, very disappointed with both goals we conceded. Both full backs not covering themselves in glory, though you have to expect more from Vyner particularly. Having watched Derby’s shitshow also, looks like they too have full back problems of their own. It could be between us and them for who is in greater need of a solid right back.
  18. Bring back the reaction.
  19. Absolute limbs. Remember it vividly, also have an equally poor early smartphone recording of this saved somewhere on my PC.
  20. Wonder what Stockhausen is up to these days?
  21. Wish someone got me a £200 present.
  22. Ostrich meat is quite nice in burger/patty form, I presume someone else on the form must have tried it? Maybe not NP though, he doesn’t seem all that fond of ostriches.
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