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  1. Surely, if you've renewed the same seat for the last 15 years, you've got to know some of the other ST holders around you. Or do you have a different seat each season?
  2. 'Back in the day' at the time of Twentyman, Alexander et al, I could have named the Gas squad as well, but couldn't name one of them now. Not really interested in knowing, either!
  3. I totally agree with you. NP is totally professional in all aspects of his Job, including dealing with the media. He thinks about what he is going to say before he says it. In that way he can criticise the players that need criticism and praise those that need praise, without offending or upsetting anyone.
  4. I see that Ex City player Paul Holland is one of the contestants on Channel 4's Countdown, this afternoon. I seem to recall that he was a bit if a terrier in midfield, or am I getting him mixed up with someone else, Don't think we saw the best of him, though, due to injury.
  5. You must only be a couple of weeks old then!
  6. I agree. That was the point I was trying to make. If the ST holder has not been able to claim their 'free' shirt yet, as they haven't been able to get to AG, they are going to lose out. They will only have 7/23 of their ST cost refunded. You can bet your life that they will be charged postage too, if they order their shirt on line and ask for it to be sent to their address.
  7. Just hope that the club start being honest in their comms and drops the 'free' from the under 12 ST holders free shirt, as it looks like the cost of the shirt is being taken out of the £55 and only the balance is being refunded this season. That no longer makes it a free shirt.
  8. I'm shielding as well, and like you, I'm terrified of this virus. Stay safe.
  9. Me Too. had a few blackouts during the game, but only for a second or two and then picture returned.
  10. I totally agree. A really good program. Listening to Freddie talking about his problems, and how he was treated by the Press, you can understand why he sometimes went off the rails. Very brave of him to do the documemtary as well.
  11. They haven't managed to get fixes in place all season. How do you think they'll fix it in 2 1/2 days?
  12. And you don't think the system will be overwhemed on Saturday, when over 15000 will try to access it?
  13. Red Tel

    Option 4

    No, I didn't either. I think they must have written two emails, decided to put the 'Select options' link in the second and then decided to only send the one email.
  14. Red Tel

    Option 4

    In the Q & A at the bottom?
  15. 9/10, Which is absolutely brilliant considering non of the pictures appeared on my screen. They were all blind guesses.
  16. I've just received a refund, on my Credit Card, from an Hotel Break that was cancelled. The first I knew of the transaction was when it appeared in my account. Was never shown as pending. I don't think refunds do, only payments you're making. Lets just keep our fingers crossed that the refunds are back in our account ASAP.
  17. So by buying a season ticket, I get to see over half of the league matches for nothing? Do your maths again, Lad.
  18. I won't, but at least I won't feel obliged to go and watch crap just because I've already paid to watch it.
  19. Not renewing. When I pay roughly £18 per game for 23 games, I want to see entertaining football and this season I haven't. I'll pick and choose my games next season.
  20. Rules of the EFL Trophy available on EFL website. Unseeded and non-regionalised draw from Quarter Finals onwards.
  21. Sorry. I think I misunderstood the OP's question. I thought they were referring to City's First team and the Under 23s.
  22. T'was ok at 10.45 and then all of a sudden...... Zilch
  23. I was born and brought up in Frome nearly 70 years ago. During that time Frome Town FC have always played in red, as far as I can remember. Don't recall them ever having a green home kit.
  24. Of course we believe you. Hasn't every hot blooded male had exactly the same dream?
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