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3 Titles For Inter ...what A Joy!

Dan Robin

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Serie A winners...Italian Cup winners....and most of all, CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WINNERS!!! :dancing6::superman::clapping::bounce::dance::city::cool::sun:

What an incredible season for my 'team of the heart'!!! Some years ago,I would never have thought to live such a great amount of emotions like this year....

With Mancini we had great results in Italy,(and it was not easy,so he did a good job for us)but in Europe Inter had some problems.

The tactical and psychological work of the Special One has given Inter playersa a greater faith in themselves,and the combination of good moves in the transfer market and the victory (also with a little bit of 'luck' in some moments) against a great team like Chelsea (but also Barça) has taken this team to the top of the Europe 74170495.gif

This treble will remain in the history of Italian football,so I'm very very proud of this team... and even if there will be other competitions to fight for (European SuperCup, Italian SuperCup, ...) ,I'm already satisfied with these results.... the players were simply magnificent! :worship2:

My hopes for next season are for Inter too, but especially for OUR team :fingerscrossed::bruce_h4h:... after being so close to the Premier League 2 years ago... let's hope that after Burnley and Blackpool.... next year 'another B' will realize a dream :whistle2::rolleyes:


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