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Albert Adomah - First Signing - Confirmed On Official Site


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Like the sound of this, he looks a very promising player.

Wonder if he's a left or right sided winger?

Bye bye Ivan?dunno.gif

The giant football brain that is Steve Coppell has awoken from it's slumbers and clicked into immediate action.

Interesting few weeks ahead.yes.gif

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Looks like a done deal. I have heard the boy described as the best player in league 2 and he would certainly fit the bill as a 'coppell signing'.

Not sure he will be over the moon with Barnet announcing it though?

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It looks like he's rejected a couple of contract extensions over the past season. If that contract ran out yesterday, it could just be a matter of paying compensation because he's under 24?

Albert in - Sproule off to Hibs (if another post is to be believed). Seems good business to me.

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I was told we have agreed to pay a £1M fee for Kitson but he wants £10k a week more than we want to pay him!

The other signing is said to be winger who currently plays in League Two, I know the name but I'm not saying, he isn't at all well known but if it happens, you'll see.

quote from GrahamC earlier this week!

well done, good info there then

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10k difference is a hell of an amount!

Certainly is.

My guess would be, we are offering 10k per week and he wants 20k.

By all account Sno was on around 20k last season, so if the player is worth it, SL will pay it.


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