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The Official Birmingham City v Bristol City Match Day Thread

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27 minutes ago, JoeAman08 said:

I get emotional after a loss and today sounded a good performance. I get that and I'm glad we've played well and created chances against a very organised team. 

And I get we've had some interesting scenarios these last few weeks but I don't think it changes things in my mind. QPR and Birmingham haven't been happy hunting grounds but that's all in the past and has no bearing on the current squad. We have the power to change all that and IMO we have the squad to compete with anyone. That's why I get frustrated. I don't want to get complacent with them. They're talented and can finish top 8-10 right now. 

Ive said it a thousand times. It's not all about this year and I get there will be ups and downs. I just feel games like today and QPR are matches we need to start winning every once in awhile to grow as a club. It's just as important as improving the stadium, or the academy or adding new coaches. It's all part of growing as a club. A few wins at places like QPR and Birmingham or Leeds helps the club grow as well. I want to see us get a few decent away wins and then we'll really be on our way. We have a chance next week but it won't be easy. 

Fair enough. I had a horrible feeling about today and have spent the weekend with the in-laws! 

I'd predict a few ups and downs for the rest of the season, but we'll be fine in the end. I'd be surprised but delighted if we finish in the top 10. We'd need to recruit well in January. However, on to next week, where, as you say, we have chance. I suspect we won't take it...But either way we'll have around 3k behind us and it'll be a cracking atmosphere. Been travelling with us for very nearly 36 years now. Hope springs eternal! COYR!!

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39 minutes ago, Redandy said:

I struggle with the constant changes of selection. Either LJ is a tactical genius or he still does not what his best team is.

Maybe a combination of both? 

I believe LJ sets his team up to play with more of a focus on their strengths rather than ours.  Different squad election for different teams depending on their personnel.  But it seems to me, it takes him 45 mins to work the other team in game, then make his changes and we become a better side.

I think the stats bear this out.  We have consistently out performed teams in the second half.

Is it scouting?  Do we do a good enough job in this area.  When we watch tapes of the up coming opposition, do we do a good enough analysis?

This is an area we really need to improve upon, and if I have any criticism of LJ he needs to get our team setup better from the first whistle.

This should result in a better performance first half.

I am a big fan of LJ, and he is definitely on the right track.  I am hoping that the appointment of DH will give him the time needed to focus selecting the right team.

I am also a big fan of what the England cricket team is currently doing.  They currently hire consultants on short terms contracts to help the team in certain areas.  I am sure there is a wealth of knowledge out there ex players, ex managers that LJ can tap into.  I would like the club to explore this possibility.  If we are currently struggling defensively at set pieces, then approach say Lee Dixon.  2 week contract in a consultative capacity to help with Defensive structure. Just a thought.



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1 hour ago, ChippenhamRed said:

If we're "shit" what does that make the 14 teams below us? We're a mid table side in mid table. Peaks and troughs inevitable over a 46 game season, and we're currently in a fairly minor trough.

Think I'll be giving OTIB a miss for the rest of the evening, the inevitable overreactions and complete absence of perspective are going to drive me nuts.

Big mistake Chippenham.

Applying common sense and rational thinking in the same post - you know that's not allowed.:)

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We've done a lot better than in the same fixture last season. However, done again on a set piece. Apart from Tomlin's free kicks around the box we don't score enough from them (eg 12 corners today) whereas other teams get most of their goals that way rather than from fantastic flowing football. We play lots of pretty football but still end up losing away from home, we need to learn how to grind out results in away games, we're currently a soft touch. Also need to score when we're on top, with Tammy having a bit of a lean patch someone else needs to step up to the plate.

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Obviously disappointing to lose to a late goal. However, let's all remember that we are a young and new team and very much a work-in-progress, needing at least a couple more transfer windows. Other than against Brighton we haven't lost by more than one goal this season. It is increasingly obvious where we need to strengthen the team in January. Let's support our team as we continue to improve and recall just how poor things were this time last season!

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1 hour ago, cityexile said:


Disappointing. On balance, a draw would not have been unfair, but relying on Tammy to much on his own up front I fear.

Exactly . 

Engvel looked reasonable in the brief cameo granted to him this season. Why he isn't utilised is a bloody mystery.

Tammy needs someone to play off and opponents will have a tougher time tracking two strikers. 

This seems to dawn on Johnson in the second half of every game but often,  as with today,  it's too late.

Time to learn your lessons and draw the obvious conclusion Lee.

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Let's be honest, most of us said where we are now is where we would finish at the end of the season. No need to panic.

It's clear we need a few more options going forward and that will come hopefully in January.

I do still wonder had we had a better crack against Hull in the cup and gone through, the lift from that may have boosted our league form.

Keep calm and carry on.

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For what it's worth I never really post on games but today we were really unlucky we rode our luck a little first half but second half was excellent and a good away performance and deserved much more, especially Tomlin's free kick. We bossed it and only a poor couple of minutes ruined it. Joe Bryan's skewed clearance was the reason they had the corner and poor defending for the goal

We were fortunate to be on half way line and had a great view (normally south stand) a few seats behind Mark Ashton who was covering for Mr Lansdown and boy that man cares, we tried our hardest to keep emotions under wraps to avoid unwanted attention but he didn't...out of his seat a few times giving it his opinion..especially when Joe Bryan was shoved over hoardings by Cotterill. He also was at a loss how we lost.

we play like that in more games we've will do ok, just not getting the luck. Mom was there keeper which says a lot

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6 hours ago, Red Exile said:

Trouble is Joe, we don't pick the order in which we play matches. Cardiff had a new boss and raised their game. QPR, we always struggle there and could have won a very tight game. Today...I couldn't see us winning and it sounds as if we did better than I expected. Next week I'lll be at Reading, they're on fire. Brighton are in a different league. These are all tough games...and it was obvious they'd be tough games before this run started. Even Barnsley pulled one back with more or less the last kick of the game. As I said elsewhere, perspective needed. We don't have the squad to walk this division, but we can compete. I see that as improvement.We are, as everyone has said, a work in progress...

lets hope we progress quickly, because I have been hearing this for the last 50 years ,we keep making excuses how many more years  must we see the likes of Swansea hull etc get to the top division we can only keep making excuses for so long. sorry for ranting on but sometimes you  get to the stage like I have where you have heard it all before too often. sorry I had to get it of my chest

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8 hours ago, EstoniaTallinnRed said:

Who does Chumawumba play for, can we sign him in the January window?

I meant Chumbawumba... That song. 

8 hours ago, Major Isewater said:

Not entirely unexpected

Not a battering by any stretch but i'm convinced that the lads don't believe in themselves enough . They are just falling a little bit short when it matters. .

Probably part of the problem yes but that is not unusual for a very young bunch. We will evolve or SL will go more for fast tracking it.

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2 hours ago, pillred said:

10 men!!! only for 5 mins

Was just going to make the same comment. We were matching or bettering them for much if the game. Very harsh not to have at least a share of the points, we deserved something from the game. I said when walking back into Birmingham afterwards they will wonder how they got all the points, and we will wonder how we came away with nothing. A really good all round performance, can fault the effort and they looked gutted when the final whistle blew, a reaction more often seen after a cup exit type of thing. 

On the showing yesterday I don't think there is much wrong, if anything Tammy was off his game.  A mixture of international duty, teams sussing him out and him having the main responsibility of getting the goals. Get him some proper help and we will hand out a few thrashing so I'm sure. I believe this will need a change in formation though so who misses out? Saying that I though Paterson looked like he might know where the goal is and Reid was certainly positive yesterday.

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21 hours ago, reddogkev said:

This was exactly the type of game I expected, a tough away game, settled by the odd goal.  Very pleased we no longer lose these games by a heavy margin.

And we stopped Donaldson scoring!!!

As we all know, Reading will be tough, but looking ahead, we have to beat Ipswich at home, and I'm sure we will.

Ipswich were very average against Forest last night,  as Forest pressed high on them and defended well.  Looks like we will have to do the same and we have to start taking our chances when we get them. OH!  and also turn up for the first half every game.

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19 hours ago, Midlands Robin said:

Let's be honest, most of us said where we are now is where we would finish at the end of the season. No need to panic.

It's clear we need a few more options going forward and that will come hopefully in January.

I do still wonder had we had a better crack against Hull in the cup and gone through, the lift from that may have boosted our league form.

Keep calm and carry on.

This is very true and I still have long-term faith in LJ, however I can't help but feel he's not making best use of the tools at his disposal at the moment.

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