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44 minutes ago, WhistleHappy said:

Hmm, an I suffering from a sense of humour bypass or something? .... have I turned into Queen Victoria? ... soz Fiale I just don't get the joke.

It's a take on the "don't text and drive" campaign, they are twisting it so as it's wrong because your text come out as meaningless and confusing. It's a comedy Skit, but not everyone has the same humour.

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7 hours ago, WhistleHappy said:


Only if its the centre panel of a triptych flanked by a Blankety Blank chequebook and pen..

.... then my friend we'd be looking at a priceless masterpiece.


21 hours ago, Aizoon said:

Turner Prize entry?


My suspicion is the link could not cope with the sheer awesomeness of appearing on OTIB so self deleted... just ya knowl a possibility...

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