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International Cricket


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Just now, Super said:

Thats a joke. Why say that everyone will get a game?

Because apparently it was their intention initially, they've played 4/5 uncapped players but probably looked at the pitch today and decided against Overton. Jordan bowled like a sack of **** last game so why not give Craig a go? 

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15 minutes ago, hodge said:

England - 'Everyone will get a game' and then don't give Overton a go all series, despite choosing to leave Morgan out so others get a game...? 

F'king joke. Maynard not happy and his mum gutted on twitter.

England really do hate us -

Forced Jos away

Reguarly mess/break Overtons actikns

Screwed Leach over then blamed his action

Ignored Hindu/Trego in their peak


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Just now, PHILINFRANCE said:

I really cannot understand why they didn't play COVE at Taunton instead of Livingstone; it is his home ground, after all.

Livingstone being a batter may be one? But yeah, Plunkett, Willey or Jordan could have sat out

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2 minutes ago, B1ackbird said:

He also said he's not a bowler which must be very disconcerting for the player himself, who was under the illusion he was  in actual fact a bowler...

Does anyone other than Eoin Morgan consider him an all-rounder in the mould of Stokes etc? My impression was that he's a bowler whose batting is respectable enough, ala Jordan, Willey etc rather than a genuine all-rounder.

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