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International Cricket


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1 hour ago, Red Right Hand said:

Great minds mate!

Unfortunately it hasn't happened & we've gone back to trying to rely on a more or less non existent reverse swing, when in my view Ali should be on as the wicket is clearly spinning.

It's as if we have this game plan put in stone, that come the last hour or so of play in the day, we have to play for reverse swing.

And as I type this, Anderson strikes although the umpire didn't seem so convinced.

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This Dawson wicket really does ask some questions, the old way of batting & umpiring is that if the batsman has a 'good stride' in or has 'danced' down the wicket, he's unlikely to be given out as there is 'enough doubt'.

Umpires seldom gave lbw for such an appeal but now with the 'third umpire', the bowling team can appeal for anything & have that doubt taken away.

If I'm honest, I'm not sure how I feel about this development. The doubt has now been taken away from the game (as long as you still have appeals available) & that has been a huge part of the game & while it might help in village / club cricket, to stop a 'homer' umpire from cheating, the technology isn't available at that level so those who 'cheat' at grass roots level can continue too.

In the professional game, it will maybe stop batsmen from having that security of a 'big stride' or 'dancing down the wicket', it just seems to of taken the history of batting to another level as such.

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300 or so ahead & we should be okay, we only need another 20 or so & that should give us plenty of time to rattle them out.

The wicket is causing all sorts of problems, it won't be easy for South Africa.

This is exactly how I think test match cricket should be, not this boring cricket on dead wickets where both teams score 600+ in both innings. There's actually a bit of excitement to be had.

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30 minutes ago, Red Right Hand said:

Shane Warne just announced `more width to De Cock`.


Where as Gower just declared to the world that length is key.

Anyway, the lesser of two collapses on a bowler's pitch has won the day.

Good to see some spin from England!

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