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The Official Match Day Thread 7. Wolverhampton Wanderers v Bristol City

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Weather is a funny old thing you know. No sooner has the dust settled on the last match day thread, where I wanted to dwell a while for those poor souls in the Caribbean, and along comes Tropical Storm Lannie maybe soon Typhoon. As if the Pacific will not be outdone by the Atlantic storm season the activity in the Philippine Sea takes a decided turn for the worse. Weather is a funny old thing you know.

I left work a little earlier than usual as the rain and wind had abated a tad and I saw an opportunity. Alas it lasted only a few minutes before I was swept up along one Manila street with a sudden gust and downpour. I took shelter and loitering around the lobby, of what I soon discovered was a hospital, I picked up a small leaflet. On the front was a circular logo in blue with a sort of cog surrounding the circle and a red and white quartered crest in the middle of it all. It looked a bit like the Rotary Club crest although I might be a mile away from that as an accurate comparison. Anyway, more to the point, the name of the crest instantly struck me because I had looked up a little about Wolverhampton Wanderers' history over lunch earlier in the day. When formed, in 1877, Wolves were called St Lukes after the local church. The name on that hospital crest?, St. Lukes. And had it not been for the dodgy weather I would likely, hopefully, never have set foot in that hospital. Weather.

I hear it might be rather inclement this evening in the Birmingham environs so all you hardy souls making your way north I hope you avoid the worst of it or at least keep out of the wet. Molinueuuewweeuuuuxxujuu, I could never spell it, is a modern theatre of football so i hope it keeps you dry. 

Previous match day threads on Wolves I have talked about their history and their town and all that sort of trivia. Nevertheless here are a few bits and pieces about their past which rank as worthy of a smile or entry to my mind.

In 1938, Wolves needed only to win the last game of the season to be champions for the first time, but were beaten 1–0 at Sunderland and Arsenal claimed the title. That must have been painful for the Wolves but I bet Sunderland were laughing like nuts and Arsenal somewhat grateful.

As if that was not hilarious or heartbreaking enough they repeated it after the war and not even the magic of Stan Cullis, in his last ever match for Wolves, could stop it;-

When league football resumed in 1946, Wolves suffered yet another heartbreaking failure in the First Division. Just as in 1938, victory in their last match of the season against title rivals Liverpool would have won the title but a 2–1 defeat gave the 1947 championship to the Merseyside club instead. Poor little blighters.

And then, 2 years later, they missed out again on the title on goal difference. 

I guess you have to hand it to them though because with Billy Wright as captain and Cullis as manager they finally won their first of 3 titles in 1954. Wolves were, to be fair, the dominant force in English football in the 50's. I am not sure if Stan Cullis' 'kick and rush' football left a lasting legacy but it sure made an impression on European football at the time. Those that have researched this era of football can no doubt talk more about it. Wolves were pioneers in the style and the science of football and had super fit athletes of their day.

According to the modern era fan Wolves play slick football under their Spanish (?) coach and many, on their forum, seem to have a respect for the way we play our game and that tonight will generally not be easy for them. Some pointing out that if City play the usual 'nice passing game' (is that fair or myth? I have no idea) then Wolves will win. I suppose that suggests that if City try a Millwall rear guard type of action a point or more might be on offer. I wonder how Lee will set up then. 

Enjoy the game folks and I hope we at least give a good account roared on by the usual vociferous City away support.

St Lukes 1 City 1 .. fatal for me to make a prediction so I used a non sensical name for them.




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51 minutes ago, Phileas Fogg said:

I think you'll find NTTDS has beaten you to the punch :P merge needed!

Joking aside, interesting read as per. Hoping for a draw at least, we have horrible form there so would be very pleased with that.


This one's official. The other one is for the rebels amongst us .

Wolves eh ? 

As long as David Bloody Kelly doesn't come out of retirement I fancy a result for us tonight.

We have had a steady , solid start to our season.

Win tonight we will all be thinking the unthinkable.

Lose and most will think we've reverted to type.

 I believe Young Bobby and Fammy will bag a goal each .

Will it be enough ?


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4 hours ago, Eastside Moonwalker said:

If we can get a win or draw today we'd be in a great position, think Fammy Abraham deserves one more game starting to see what he's got before maybe we bench him for another striker though. 

Although every time I've seen city play Wolves we've lost , but here's hoping

Or perhaps bench him for a central defender who can score goals.

I do fear a hammering though, but hope for a point.  Any more than that and we will certainly have turned a corner.

Worried about the right back situation with eros injured.

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7 minutes ago, wendyredredrobin said:

Or perhaps bench him for a central defender who can score goals.

I do fear a hammering though, but hope for a point.  Any more than that and we will certainly have turned a corner.


Our defence looks a lot, lot better this season. Not saying i expect to win, but there is nothing to suggest we will get steam-rolled. 

Oh, dear.. what have i said.


EDIT: No sod it, we'll win... we're due it up there.

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