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The Fulham v Bristol City Match Day Thread 15

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4-1-4-1 but when we attack it'll be of a 4-2-3-1/4-3-3 with Brownhill, Pato, O'Dowda pushing up and supporting attacks. Don't see any problem this, just that some people like to be negative. Fulham will have the majority of the ball but it's about staying compact and countering quickly when we get it. Most teams actually defend in 4-1-4-1 nowadays 

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6 minutes ago, harrys said:

Surprised at the line-up, musn’t let Fulham dictate the play or it could be over before we get chance to bring on reinforcements, must have faith in the manager though 

Need to get on the front foot straight from kick off.

Since the international break it has sounded like the opposition have done to us what we were doing earlier in the season. Not sure how our pressing game will be with this selection/formation, but Fulham are the type of team at this level who can dominate a game if we let them.


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6 minutes ago, Robert the bruce said:

Clearly a nice move to counter their fullbacks & disrupt the way they boss possession.

Pretty sure it ain't gonna work though...very defensive and likely to bring us far too deep...could be a dicking on the cards.

we'll see , but Djuric not fit enough too start who else goes up front. If we went with the two little un's the ball would keep coming back as it did Saturday and with their extra man in midfield we would be under constant pressure.

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Fulham’s strength is their wing backs in particular Sessegnon so it appears LJ intends cutting off that threat and loading the midfield to pinch the ball and break on their back four

interesting line up to suffocate the middle of the pitch and force them to play a longer game which would suit our defence

Tactical genius - we will see??

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5 minutes ago, Fordy62 said:

Lee has done very well up to this point. So I’m not going to question the line up. 


If we win this, with such a clear plan, that nobody expected, then it should convince even the most stubborn of LJ doubters that he had something about him!

It’s risky but I’m looking forward to see how it works. 

Genius if it does work!

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