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Tonight's games (Merged)


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Sitting here, all cosy like, with only the sags continual demise to keep me entertained.

Looking at this evenings Championship fixtures I suddenly realised, how fricking great that this season so far has been compared  to last season.

Instead of looking out for teams throughout the division to win, draw or lose certain games to potentially  avoid relegation, I'm just looking at Sheffield Utd to drop points! 

Amazing. I'm sure my blood pressure levels are way down compared to last season as well so thanks to LJ (yes I wasn't convinced) and his staff. The squad are doing what we did with that team spirit we had leading up to the play-off final v Hull.

Who knows where we can go from here? But where we are is a darn site better than last season and that's for sure.

Dare to dream. Up The City

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This season, so far anyway is significantly less stressful than that 8 match run of defeats and drop into the DZ last time around.

But.....in a strange way that dire period has galvanised the entire club. The manager, his handed picked assistants, the entire squad are all benefitting from that experience in as much they don't want to go back there again...

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