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The Sheffield Wednesday v Bristol City Match Day Thread 17

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2 minutes ago, ZiderEyed said:

Why is Vyner here then? If LJ doesn't trust him and he's not playing regular U23 football, why isn't he out on loan? 

It’s a tricky one. You don’t want to leave yourself too short on numbers, especially when we’ve had injuries and suspensions at the back. 

Unfortunately for Zak, he’s just a number at the minute. He will get his chance.

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2 minutes ago, Jon6956 said:

We played 442 with Korey and Magnússon as the full backs in our last game... with Bryan left wing.

See I don't know. To me it looked like we were playing 3ATB, but as the full backs were always pushing up, I couldn't tell if KS and JB were playing wing backs or if it was HM that was at LB and JB at LM. Assuming it is 4-4-2, when Bailey Wright comes back, Surely we can't drop any of them. AF won Player of the Month, Nathan Baker is our Best CB and Bailey Wright is Captain. I can see us moving to 3ATB if we haven't done already. Unless BW plays RB. But then what do you do when EP Returns, albeit in a few months. Nice problems to have :D

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1 minute ago, GrahamC said:

Will be delighted to be proved wrong & obviously don't know if Paterson & Djuric are fully fit, but baffled by that team, Magnússon & Taylor especially.

Well Magnússon's got his little run in the team now. Didn't we try Taylor and Reid against Fulham?

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