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Hull City v Bristol City Match Day Thread 19

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5 minutes ago, Northern Red said:

Anyone know what formation that's supposed to be? 



                Wright   Flint   Baker   Maggs

        COD            Pack   Smith          Brownhill




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11 minutes ago, JonDolman said:

Really hope Woodrow proves himself today. Looks like 442 with Brownhill wide, but I'd like to see Reid in midfield with odowda and Brownhill further forward in a 433. There is that option to change it. 

I don't think Reid has a good enough all round game for midfield duties at Championship level, and LJ seems to agree having persevered with him there last season, giving him every chance to make a midfield position his own, before eventually dropping him.

He has been a revelation after being moved up front, long may that continue to be a success, hopefully with him getting back on the goal trail today.

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Just now, ralphindevon said:

I feel he may be one of those players that everyone moans about, then at the end of the season you look at his goals per game and it’s pretty impressive.


Woodrow needs some sort of a run of games - very harsh to judge him negatively before that.

I share the feeling he may well come good - we do need to create some reasonable chances for the forwards though. :fingerscrossed:

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11 minutes ago, Alessandro said:

This is Famara-gate all over again.....just the other way round......hope you’re right!

He’s played 353 minutes in total (less than 4 full games), scored 2 and an assist.  He needs a run of games to get sharp, and get used to his role within the team.  He’s a decent player.  Too many, too quick to judge negatively.

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32 minutes ago, cityexile said:

No Bryan or Djuric. Thinking of those out long term, getting down to the bones now.

I am hearing through my sources that Duric IS in fact on the bench.

And since we have 2 players for every position, so says LJ, then why the alarm bells?

I think we are perfectly capable of winning today; the players simply have to work harder than Preston and that, folks, will not exactly be difficult now will it. Moreover, Callum O'D says we are gonna win so if we don't he shall be tarred and feathered. You heard that here first, i think, although I bet his team mates have threatened him with it already.

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3 minutes ago, Davefevs said:

He’s played 353 minutes in total (less than 4 full games), scored 2 and an assist.  He needs a run of games to get sharp, and get used to his role within the team.  He’s a decent player.  Too many, too quick to judge negatively.

Agree with that 100% Dave - we’ve seen very little of him, too little to judge fairly. Especially as he has been kept out the team by some good performances from others.

He did well at Burton, I really hope he can take his chance over the coming weeks...


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Just now, JonDolman said:

I'm just thinking back to a couple of away games that Reid has dropped back to midfield, which allowed odowda and Brownhill to push further forward on the wings. Agree he is better up front, but I certainly think he is good in a 3 man midfield.

We'll disagree he's good in a 3 man midfield, but he can certainly be creative if we adapt during the game meaning he's pushed a bit further back, as long as he's not charged with the other more mundane tasks in m/f.

I think we're also at the stage now where he is our best likelihood of a goal -  our most potent scorer - so to move him back, out of harm's way as far as the opposition is concerned, is not a good idea.

We should just think of Bobby as a forward now imo. He's done really well, but he does need another goal asap.

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