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The Sheffield United v Bristol City Match Day Thread 21

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4 hours ago, PHILINFRANCE said:

The correct plural of addendum is, in fact, addenda, although, as addendum is recognised as an English word, addendums can also be used.

Anybody on here remember back in school having to decline the latin word for war, bellum?

Bellum, bellum, bellum, belli, bello, bello.

Bella, bella, bella, bellorum, bellis, bellis.

It still makes me chuckle.

And to think, we used to have to decline mensa (table) as well - Oh Table! (in the vocative form) anybody?



Tableau? Tablet? Tabletten? Oh .. Give up. Prey do tell. Hahaaha.

3 hours ago, cheshire_red said:

@havanatopia Bristol North End?

Well spotted. If i was selling Mums Cornish Pasties on street corner in Bramall Lane yours would be free lad with lashings of northern brown Source and steam pouring ooout it.

3 hours ago, chipdawg said:

Going to be -1 by the match finishes kids so wrap up warm. I'll be there, thermal base layer, ski jacket and all! 

People who are driving up may want to consider getting off at M1 j29, coming through Chesterfield and parking on a street in Heeley. Sheffield traffic is awful at the best of times and there is free parking and some good pubs (Sheaf View, The Brothers Arms, The White Lion, The Crown are all good, Tramshed if you like your hipster bottle bars) which I believe are fine with away fans

If you are in town, West St is good for a party (if you like that kind of thing) Sentinel Brewhouse on Shoreham St is the best beer near the ground

Enjoy everyone, 3-1 to The Mighty Reds

PS Re: Sheff Utd and West Ham, what people forget is that had SU beaten an abject Wigan on the last day, they would have relegated West Ham. So despite WH stacking the deck unfairly, they still only have themselves to blame

Junction 30 my bro says and yes indeed to Heeley... Jist off Denmark Road or St is where he has parked. 

Right must get up, get kettle on and wind up me computer. Tis black as ace of spades out here. 

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24 minutes ago, Super said:

Happy with that team COYR.

Oh no! Sunderland: team selection slated by OTIB, win. Fulham: team selection slated on OTIB, win. Preston: team selection approved by OTIB, defeat. Boro: serious doubts about team selection on OTIB, win. I think that LJ has gone for completely the wrong starting line up tonight. Wrong formation. Wrong players. COYR!! 

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