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The Bristol City v Nottingham Forest Match Day Thread 22

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6 minutes ago, EstoniaTallinnRed said:

Cardiff are due for a defeat,  let's hope it tonight,  come on Hull.


1 minute ago, billywedlock said:

Considering injuries ,  particularly up front and right back , the way the team have ground out results is very impressive . It looked maybe a year early for a top 6 finish , but clearly all is now possible . Just being out of a relegation scrap was more than enough progress for me . Confidence is a huge value in football , and the team now know they have nothing to lose and a lot to gain . The platform has been made . Well done to all . 

We've been due a defeat for a few games, especially given the injuries and performances at Hull and Sheffield and perhaps second half today, but before the last 2 games I would have been happy with 3 points from Sheff U  and Forest, so maximum points from those 2 is a fantastic bonus.

Far too early to get carried away, and the games over the next few weeks become ever more important, while we remain without players like Famara and Pissano, and O'Dowfa, , but there certainly seems to something special with this group of players and who knows where we might be in the spring.

Frighteningly exciting!

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That was a good professional performance to, it shows how much we have grown as a team that after forest got the fluky goal, we gave them no real chance for the rest of the 2nd half, 

Midfield today was best I have seen in ages Pack just won everything perfect cover for our defence, and Smith and Brownhill where everywhere so much pace beating forest to the ball time and again,

The only thing we need to work on is starting the 2nd half better, that's a few teams who have got something at the start of the 2nd half, maybe send them out after 10mins to do a full warm up again 

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OK performance, good result.  Some lovely stuff in bits and pieces in the first half in particular, but lost the fluidity in the second and relied too much on Forest being shite.  I thought Pack had a good game as did Flint, honourable mentions for Reid and Patterson.  For a squad with 8 or so injuries we did very well.  Roll on the big distraction!

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37 minutes ago, samo II said:

Delighted, but it says a lot about our last few seasons that I’m just as pleased to be only 7 points from the ‘magic 50’ as I am to be battling at the top.

Being we only picked up 52 and 54 the last couple of season back at this level, I’m cautiously optimistic now.

We are fighting for promotion. Anything less now is disappointment. We can do this. Let's all believe. Just need January signings and players fit. We are out on our feet 

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17 minutes ago, BS4 on Tour... said:

I didn’t see a deflection? Not sure if it was or wasn’t, but it was a great strike....

From the highlights it looks like it skipped off defenders (Flint? Didn't take notice) foot making it do that Ronaldo free kick style looping dip thing. Thought that from the Dolman as well at the time, just moved unaturally. 

Hard to tell how good a strike it was really. 

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