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The Bristol City v Wolverhampton Wanderers Match Day Thread 25

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17 minutes ago, pongo88 said:

MOTM for Lee?  No, no and thrice no!  MOTM is the kiss of death for every manager who wins it. 

A bit of a myth. Last figures I saw the MOTM winner won or drew around 70% of the games following their award. Since, crudely, there is a 33% chance of each possible result this is pretty much what you would expect.

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1 minute ago, Phileas Fogg said:

@JamesBCFC why all the rubbish reactions on Havanatopia’s posts :ph34r:

Because he has an issue with me.

After making a horrible comment suggesting someone with a different opinion to him must "be not right in the head" he then started berating me in DMs for using the word "bullshit" each DM sent with an insult thrown in.

I had then put it behind me until he made a snide comment earlier.

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