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The Derby County v Bristol City Match Day Thread 28

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14 minutes ago, Esmond Million's Bung said:

i'm sorry but under the circumstances what do you suggest?

It’s my worry too, that without Korey in CM, we may leave Vydra too much space in between the lines.

Having said that, against Man City we effectively played 4141, or at least Pack was the screen in front, but City was a different game plan.

Will be keen to see the tweet of the players arriving tonight....hoping to see Bailey Wright.

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51 minutes ago, Esmond Million's Bung said:

And you would be totally wrong.

I am actually more than happy with the position that we find ourselves in, in fact i'm ecstatic, I would have been happy with a mid table flirting with play offs position, because it would have been an improvement on last season and any improvement means we are moving in the right direction, but so far this this season LJ and the players have totally exceeded mine and I suspect most peoples expectations.

To be honest even the Villa result didn't phase me too much because that's BCFC and a result like that is always around the corner and some of us could see it coming, I was more upset with the Wolves result because we should have gotten a point from that game all day long, the only other game that pissed me off was Birmingham away, we were poor for most of that game against an incredibly poor side, the Norwich game I can forgive because we were tired and I think it showed up our need for a right back and for striker cover.

So please it's not about glasses full, half full, half empty or empty, I am stating my opinion and looking at the game from a realistic stand point given the circumstances of both teams, I have highlighted the most important part of my reply because of course given our season so far we could quite easily upset the form book again and I totally hope that we do but I am expecting a defeat.

Agree with you fella, I fear tonight could be another Villa score line . I hope I’m wrong , and the weeks rest will have benefited us.


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41 minutes ago, daored said:

Agree with you fella, I fear tonight could be another Villa score line . I hope I’m wrong , and the weeks rest will have benefited us.


I’m very sure it won’t be. The Villa game was purely exhaustion. We’ve had a weeks rest now, won’t be a problem.

That said.. if it is a Villa scoreline it’s a bit worrying 

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