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The Leeds United v Bristol City Match Day Thread 32

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1 minute ago, Red_Wizard said:


Most likely Flint & Bryan will go. Leading to a partnership of Baker & Wright (who I do not rate one bit). In need of two LB's, another RB as Pisano needs cover, unsure if Vyner could make the step up. We will need a few strikers, couple midfielders. Looks bleak as I write this but we cannot **** about in the summer with signings.  

Bryan, defensively, would be no great loss. He was shocking again today.

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Well i haven't posted on here for a while. Has been interesting watching from afar. Made it clear as day that we needed experience in January. Our signings were so poor. LJ already doesn't trust Walsh or Diony it seems. You need to sign players who are better than your first 11. We've made up the numbers. What a fragile group of players without Baker and dare I say it Pisano. Need those two back and Wright and Magnússon sadly out 

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Can someone tell Lee that he needs to let his players know that a match is 90 minutes? What is the matter with us? For 45 minutes we play well and score goals, then we go in at half time, have a kip and come out like a bunch of ******* useless headless chickens! 

As soon as the opposition up their game we DOWN ours!

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What dreadful defending. Why doesn’t Flint mark the big centre forward. That’s his   f.  g job isn’t it. He wins a header against him on the half way line just after. Wright went asleep. So weak. Why bring Woodrow on. He offers nothing. Then he’s in the centre of defence at the end, doesn’t jump and their guy nearly scores. Fielding kicking the ball out again. If he can’t do it, kick it down the bloody middle. Johnson, come on, wake up. The time for learning is gone. Grrr.

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After thought.
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3 minutes ago, Full nelson said:

Can we all stop talking about the f’ing Playoffs!!! We ain’t staying in the top six. We will do well to stay above 10th!! Good season turning out to be very bang average and a season which will just dwilndle along till May. 

We've missed an opportunity. We didn't buy experience in January. 

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5 minutes ago, finbarr_in_z said:

We'll come out of it. We might not. No one knows that. But we've been right near the top and most clubs haven't. 

I'm telling you now, we won;t come out of this. January was the time to strengthen, we didn't, we added but we did not strengthen at all!

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