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The Bristol City v Birmingham City Match Day Thread 42

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15 minutes ago, BRISTOL86 said:

Woke up feeling that way but I’m trying to stay positive. It’s amazing how quickly things can change.

Good performance and result tonight, coupled with favourable other results and Saturday all of a sudden looks very different and we go into it with potentially a different mentality. 

Football really can change very quickly and inexplicably sometimes. I’ve long given up trying to predict this league in particular.  

I just want a reasonable performance. Bit of passion, energy, just EFFORT.

I don't mind losing, not really any way, but I ******* loathe losing without trying.

Really don't think AG is good for my health at this moment in time. Bit of fight back in the side it'll be bearable.

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Feel like it's going to be empty tonight, no atmosphere and another awful performance despite City saying it will be another 20k attendance....

I'll be there but can't blame anyone for watching Man City v Liverpool instead after Brentford and Millwall.

Anyone know the odds on us getting a shot on target? Might be worth a few quid...

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16 minutes ago, ZiderEyed said:

How do they get so much condensed milk out of such a small baby?


15 minutes ago, BigTone said:

They condense it





4 minutes ago, CyderInACan said:

How about Evaporated Milk? 


I’m going to leave the answer to Big Tone 


- he will know 

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