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Bristol City v Shrewsbury Town


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6 hours ago, JamesBCFC said:

3rd place also brings in more prize money for the FA.

Although the difference isn't a huge amount (in the world of football).

So we can pay more in fines for silly things like wearing slightly different socks.

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I don't think £10 for a game of football (add in £1 a kid for families) is too bad but.
 I think many people are like me, after stumping up £500+ it would take a special friendly to get me to go, and for this one they have really missed a trick.
Imagine something like £2 adults , £1 kids. Add the 3rd place playoffs after and stick a couple of kids things in the corner to keep them occupied.
There could be a decent attendance, they would make more from food/drink etc and I would imagine major family members who have no real interest in football would come along. 
I get that they have to cover costs, but unless we start getting 'big' names as opposition they're not going to get big crowds any time soon.
To be honest if I was going to a friendly game it would be away, at least you might get a new ground in. 


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18 minutes ago, BobBobSuperBob said:

 After years of dire to watch half paced friendlies,  I think you’re better off saving your £10 for  Carabao Cup tie

...after last season let's hope :fingerscrossed: Manchester teams are gonna become the new Gillingham when our Carabao Cup tie draws are made! 

We start with Plymouth again -like last year.

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