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Bristol City v Nottingham Forest Match Day 1

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Just listening to SL on RB with Twentypence, let's hope we can start the season with a win for confidence and the new players get used to each others game quickly. Hoping for a good win, but somehow think it will be a score draw.  Anyway boys come out of the blocks fast and keep up the passing and pressing game.  COYR's

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4 minutes ago, robin_unreliant said:

Is Marley Watkins injured?

No sign of Bobby Moore either. Do wonder if he'll make it.


I have some sad news about why Bobby Moore isn’t on our bench mate, unfortunately he passed away back in the early 90s.

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2 hours ago, havanatopia said:

All aboard for another rollercoaster marathon season. Since I have just attended my own marriage, my first I hasten to add, i am excusing myself a long winded thread opening; many historical facts have been written of todays opponents and pretty much all other teams in this league so it is time to reflect on other equally interesting subject matters that should become apparent soon, perhaps by match day 2.

A tough opener but as my new wife says, its 'all about the ball' which i guess means the same as 'its 11 v 11'. So come on City, a home win if you please.

So what is wrong with the balls ?

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8 minutes ago, robin_unreliant said:

Is Marley Watkins injured?

No sign of Bobby Moore either. Do wonder if he'll make it.

If Watkins was concussed is there a mandatory period he can't play for? Taylor Moore is injured I believe.

Haven't seen anything from the club on either though.

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I think at home it’s brave but perhaps sensible for us to be more attacking with 2 wingers as lots of team come here knowing we will attack and defend accordingly. 

Then its 2 out of Brownhill, Smith and  Pack, Smiths energy can be replicated by Brownhill but neither have Marlons passing ability or strength so it’s a hard but acceptable decision I agree with. 

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