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Bolton Wanderers v Bristol City Match Day 2

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Just now, Fordy62 said:

Still much prefer my team to have Korey in it. I simply do not believe our team is better without him. 

Tough one for me. Seems Marlon is operating much deeper this season and if you swap out Brownhill for Smith we have no creativity at all. Thought Brownhill was excellent with the ball at his feet on Sat. But also agree that our best side has Smith in it. 

The joys of a 2 man midfield I guess. Wish we’d abandon 442 frankly.

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1 minute ago, ashton_fan said:

Dasilva injured according to RB

Well that’s a good start. Though already proves why we needed him in. If we didn’t get one in and it was Kelly injured we’d have no one in the senior squad who could play LB. 

1 minute ago, Esmond Million's Bung said:

LJ's love child keeps his place yet again.

Pato hat trick inbound (we can dream!)

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2 minutes ago, Calculus said:

Two wide players on and Smith on the bench. Looks like we're vacating the centre of midfield again to me. Not optimistic. 

Just hope we go for it at least; without wanting to sound too blasé, I’d be happier we lost this one going all out to win than playing turgid football like we did there last season.

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I’m not too disappointed with that line up tbh (though Desilva already being injured is annoying/worrying).

While see why people might be keen on shaking things up, it’s the second game, and with Plymouth on Tuesday likely being a decent chance for changes, might as well see it the side we the coaches want to use has jelled since last weekend.


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11 minutes ago, Marina's Rolls Royce said:

It's a toughie, this one.

On the one hand I want Bobby to do brilliantly and on the other I'd love to see cardiff start their journey back to Championship.

Bournemouth 7 Cardiff 2 with both from Bobby would probably be tolerable.

….love to see Bobby do 'a Freddy Seers' and 'score' another 'ghost goal' for Mr Warnock.

Imagine Colin's rant when the goalline technology fails at the crucial moment.. :)  

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