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Muse playing Ashton Gate? (Merged)

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1 minute ago, frenchred said:

Just announced they are playing Bristol next year. No date and no venue just that they are playing Bristol. Could this be the third show at Ashton gate next year. Better than the previous announced if it is!

Must be, Muse won’t play colston hall etc . Unless it’s the downs festival . 

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I see that Muse have included Bristol as one of their 3 UK tour dates (football related, because they used to be our pre match anthem!)

Is this likely to be another Ashton Gate gig, or headliners at next years Downs festival..? 

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6 minutes ago, grifty said:

I see them as one of those bands that their music on a CD is average but are very good live which is why they have a lot of fans.

Similar to Coldplay, average music but great live performances 

Judging by their number of fans I guess we can add Take That to the list 

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1 minute ago, joe jordans teeth said:

He means their music which apart from a few tracks they are overrated,being a fantastic live group which they are by the way doesn’t gloss over it

I don't get how a band can be 'overrated'. Music is so subjective and personal. I can't stand a lot of music that's deemed 'popular' but that doesn't make it overrated, just means what I like isn't necessarily what the mainstream like.

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22 minutes ago, paignton red said:

I said on this forum about a year ago i would seriously boo if muse were not selected to play at the gate.... Looks like mr lansdown took notice..😀😀

They haven’t said where they are playing yet,I’m sure if lansdown has anything to do with it it will be Neil Sedaka alongside rod and take that  😀

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